Very popular!Plant-based meat

At Natural Products Expo West 2019, booths where you can sample plant-derived meat substitutes, so-called plant-based meats, are a great success!The first line was seen at the BEYOND MEAT booth.The maker who created that Beyond Burger, which is already lined up in the meat section at some supermarkets.

Plant-based meat, which was mainly made from soybeans and wheat protein.The future trend is pea protein (peas and peas).Products that are closer to real meat in terms of appearance, texture, and taste have been commercialized.Moreover, it is a refrigerated type that can be cooked as it is without the hassle of reconstitution with water.Even if you line up in the meat corner of the supermarket together, there is no sense of discomfort!

Anyway, real!

First of all, it looks real!As it is a refrigerated type, the texture is similar to raw meat.

It's molded in advance, so just bake it!

Add cheese and sauce to make it even more realistic.It only looks like a normal patty.An ordinary hamburger if sandwiched between buns.The taste is quite close to that of meat, so you might not notice it as plant-based unless you tell it.

Sausages are also plant-based

The plant-based meat also had minced meat, patties, and sausages.Whether it's a hamburger shop or a hot dog stand, the era of offering plant-based meat may not be long.It would be interesting to see a shape that could be made into fried chicken or yakitori that Japanese people like.

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