Natural Products Expo West 2019

From March 2019th to 3th, 6, the 9th Natural Products Expo West 39, the largest trade show of natural, organic, health and eco-related products in the United States, will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center. It was held at the center).

VEGAN is still popular!There are various types of vegetable milk called the third milk, but butter and cheese are also being introduced one after another.

Vegan cheese

For example, cheese.

Until a while ago, there were many so-called "processed cheese" style cheeses such as so-called shredded cheese, slices, and blocks, but "Brie", a type of French white mold type cheese, was reproduced. Products with a shape and taste closer to "natural cheese" were commercialized.Moreover, it is organic certified.

Vegan brie cheese, the main ingredients are cashew nuts and coconut oil. By using Lactobaciilus Cultures, the acidity and flavor produced by lactic acid bacteria can be obtained.The skin part that is characteristic of Brie is made by aging it with a white mold called Penicillium candidum.By adopting a manufacturing method that is closer to real cheese, it looks and tastes like real cheese!

Vegan butter

Until a long time ago, margarine was a well-known alternative to butter, but although it is derived from plants, margarine is cited as a typical food containing trans fatty acids, and the negative image is spreading.Meanwhile, vegan butter, which is as smooth as margarine, is here! It's 100% plant-derived, of course trans-fatty acid-free, and organic.

For those who are allergic to dairy products or have dietary restrictions such as vegetarians and vegans, there are likely to be more food options in the future.Also, the taste is satisfying even if you are not vegan or vegetarian.I hope that the number of such products will increase more and more.

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