Acai bowls that are good for the planet and your body

Using upcycled granola! We will start offering "Upcycled Acai Bowls" that are kind to both the earth and the body from May 2024, 5. At the Oizumi Factory Nishiazabu, we have developed a menu that is packed with nutrition, using even parts that would otherwise be thrown away even though they are edible, such as the organic fruits we normally handle, the pomace of the cold-pressed juice we serve in-store, and lemon peels.

Truly upcycling food.

Please come to our store and try our hearty "UPCYCLE Acai Bowl."

◎Plant-based acai bowl made with organic ingredients

Base: organic acai, organic banana, organic mixed berries, organic oat milk, organic maple syrup, mango
Toppings: upcycled granola, organic banana, seasonal fruit (kiwi*), organic cacao nibs, organic coconut flakes, organic pistachios, Setouchi lemon peel*
*No pesticides used during cultivation

◎SAMBAZON Organic Acai
This acai is 100% organic and fair trade certified, hand-harvested by local farmers in the Brazilian Amazon.

◎The reason for oat milk
This plant-based milk has a gentle sweetness and rich flavor, and can be safely consumed by people with soy allergies.

Price: ¥1,550 (tax included)

What is an acai bowl?

The "acai bowl" has become a new trend this year as health consciousness has accelerated. Acai goes well with the sweetness and sourness of fruit, so it is popular to make an acai bowl by making it into a smoothie and topping it with fruit or granola, which is a treat for both the taste and the eyes. In Japan, it is often thought of as a Hawaiian breakfast, but it actually originated in Brazil, where acai is grown. Its nutritional value is truly worthy of being called a superfood or superfruit, and acai bowls are perfect for breakfast or a light meal.

Oizumi Factory Nishiazabu's unique attention to detail

The base smoothie retains the berry flavor of the acai while still allowing you to taste the natural sweetness of the fruit. By adding homemade sweets made from the "juice pulp" of cold-pressed juice squeezed in-store, between the layers of acai, you can also enjoy the textures of beets and apples.

The acai bowl is topped with "upcycled granola" made from organic ingredients with a fragrant spice scent, and "SANCHAI peanut butter" made from native Nepalese peanuts, allowing you to enjoy the different flavors until the very last bite.


◎The juice pulp (pomace) produced during the manufacturing process of the cold-pressed juices served in the store is reused by creating sweets.
◎ Topped with "upcycled granola" made from organic juice pulp
◎ When making cold-pressed juice, unused lemon peels are reused as a topping.

Oizumi Factory NISHIAZABU

We stock specially grown domestic vegetables*, plant-based grocery products, our original brand of fermented sparkling tea/organic kombucha "_SHIP," cold-pressed juices, plant-based menu items, and more. This is the "gateway to the Oizumi Factory" where you can easily experience organic and plant-based foods.

Address: 106-0031-2 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 13-13
Business hours: Monday to Saturday 8:00-20:00 (last order 19:30)
Sundays and public holidays 8:00 to 18:00 (last order 17:30)
Closed: Summer and winter holidays

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