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ecostore Atre Ebisu store has been renewed

New Zealand's natural daily care brand "ecostore" will renovate its directly managed store, Atre Ebisu, on Thursday, February 2024, 2.

New brand concept: ``Sentaku that cares about your skin.'' ”, you can experience that there is an eco store by your side as you think about your family and take care of yourself.

We have a lineup of laundry detergent, dish detergent, hand & body, baby & kids, hair care, household detergent, sold by weight, and more for you and your family. Atre Ebisu store is a shop where you can purchase all the products available at Eco Store Japan.

In addition, we prepare store displays according to seasonal themes, constantly providing new experiences.

Eco Store Atre Ebisu store
Atre Ebisu West Building 1F, 6-2 Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business hours: 10: 00-21: 00
Tel: 03-5475-8650

“Sentaku cares about your skin. ”

“Sentaku cares about your skin. ”


You are as much as you eat.

Are you choosing things that are good for your skin and body?

By your side as you care about your family and take care of yourself.

There we are.

ecostore was born in New Zealand, an advanced country in environmental conservation.

Home & body care brand.

Based on the idea that "what's good for the environment is good for your health,"

Using as few chemicals as possible,

We deliver products that are gentle on the skin.

Effortlessly and naturally.

For those who choose to live a clean and healthy life.

Protect the environment with ecostore

Sentaku (washing/selection) that takes care of your skin

What is an eco store?

Natural daily care brand "Ecostore" that fulfills "every day that is gentle to the whole".Born in New Zealand, which is rich in nature, Eco Store is a home care and body care store that focuses not only on natural ingredients, but also on manufacturing processes, container materials, daily comfort and design, for a better future for people and the earth. , Hair care, baby care, oral care, and other daily care items.We fully support your sustainable lifestyle.

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