"Biople by CosmeKitchen Beeple by CosmeKitchen Shichirigahama", a natural and organic select shop with a wide range of items from cosmetics to inner care items, will open on Sunday, March 2021, 3!While gazing at the ocean in front of you, we will send out an organic life not only to Japan but also to the world.

The concept is

Bio + People + Wave
Organic life spreads from here.
Let's live beautifully and healthily while feeling the waves of energy.

Just as there is a beautiful sunrise to sunset every day, there is a daily life where you wake up calmly and spend a pleasant day.Beeple by Cosmetic Kitchen has natural and organic items that lead to such a natural life.If you look at the ocean in front of you, touch the people and culture of Shichirigahama, and feel the waves of energy, you should be able to reconfirm how rich your natural life is.Live the best organic life and live beautifully and healthily.

There is also a lineup of limited items unique to the Shichirigahama store.Approximately 60 kinds of items that can be beautiful in harmony with nature are lined up, including UV cream and after-sun care supplements that are indispensable for beach life.Also, from the desire to protect the beautiful sea from environmental problems, we sell a limited package of ecostore, a sustainable brand from New Zealand, exclusively for Shichirigahama.In addition, we will develop various items that enhance sustainable life on the largest scale among Biople in Japan.

Biople by CosmeKitchen Three keywords of Shichirigahama

Beach Wellness
To a store that fits in with a wide range of lifestyles, from urban life to beach life.
Think about the richness of living beautifully and healthy with nature.

Health Conscious
We propose self-care items that lead to "more stress-free and healthy self".

Nudie Beauty
We have a full range of care items so that you can stay beautiful inside and outside your body.

store information

Biople by CosmeKitchen Shichirigahama
Weekend House Alley 248F, 0026-1-1, Shichirigahama, Kamakura City, Kanagawa 1-1
TEL 0467-81-4250 * Open from the opening date


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