SORANOIRO supervised by Chihiro Miyazaki!

Instant noodles supervised by Chihiro Miyazaki of "Soranoiro", a pioneer of vegan ramen,New release of vegan soupless dandan noodles!

A dream collaboration of wind and light x SORANOIRO.Speaking of Kaze to Hikari, they sell a lot of organic products, and although this is not certified organic, the noodles are non-fried using organic wheat flour.It is a natural instant food that does not use umami seasonings.

Supervised by Chihiro Miyazaki, the pioneer of vegan ramen “Soranoiro”, and of course no animal ingredients are used!

It also has the VEGAN certification mark.

Cooking method

I tried immediately!

When you open the package, the noodles, sauce, kayaku, and spice (Hanazansho) are subdivided.

First, take out the noodles from the bag and put them in the container.

Place kayaku on top of the noodles.

Pour hot water up to the inner line and put the lid on.

* Since the lid has a claw, please lift it in advance.

After XNUMX minutes, throw away the hot water from the claw part of the lid.

Open the lid, add the sauce and Hanazansho pepper, stir well, and it's done.

What is your favorite taste?

First, the noodles are delicious.And I'm glad it's spicy!

Natural instant and retort foods have a relatively sweet impression, and even Dandan noodles have a sweet sauce.I thought so, but I was wrong.Tangy!and spicy.Authentic taste.

It's instant, so you can easily eat it in just XNUMX minutes when you don't have time.For those of you who think instant food is a little healthier, you may be able to eat it without feeling guilty.

Speaking of which, is it the amount of vegetables and the amount of soy meat?I would be happy if you could add a little more.

Person who wrote this article

Chef Fumio Yonezawa

ORGANIC PRESS editorial department

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