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plant-based creamy

Violife (Biolife) Plant-born creamy looks like plant-based butter or margarine from the atmosphere of the container, but it is like plant-based cream cheese!

It is 100% Vegan and has a certification mark.If you read the letters under the mark carefully, it's not dairy cream cheese.A note

Coconut oil-based, dairy-free, lactose-free, and nut-free.

Ingredients: coconut oil, starch, salt, olive extract/pH adjuster, fragrance, vitamin B12

What is your favorite taste?

When I peeled off the inner lid of the container, it was pure white than I expected!

First of all, I just put it on bread and ate it.Coconut oil is the base, so I wonder if it has a coconut flavor?If you think, there is no coconut feeling besides.The color of the appearance and the feeling of painting are a little different from real cream cheese, but it feels slightly sour and the taste is light cream cheese.I don't think I would have noticed if I hadn't been told.Is delicious!

Arrangements are also recommended

It's delicious as it is, but you can arrange it and enjoy it.

First, add finely chopped dill, grated garlic (powder is fine too), and coarsely ground black pepper, and mix to create a herb-infused cream cheese dip.I used dill this time, but you can also use chives or parsley.

Next, chop the dried fruits softened by soaking them in hot water and mix them.I used apricots and raisins this time.

With dried fruit, it has a slight fruit color.

There is no habit, so it can be combined with various ingredients.

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