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Cookies by ovgo Baker

American Bake Shop ovgo Baker makes baked goods, mainly cookies, using all plant-based ingredients, and organic, naturally grown, or domestically produced ingredients as much as possible.Acquired "B Corp certification", an international certification system for companies with high public interest that considers society and the environment!

Such ovgo Baker cookies are rich in variety.There are original cookies and oatmeal cookies, but oatmeal cookies do not use flour.Gluten-free with oatmeal and rice flour as the base!Of course, it is a vegan cookie that does not use dairy products such as milk or butter, or eggs.

There is a response to eating in a large size.Because it contains oatmeal, it naturally chews well and is quite satisfying.The crunchy texture is fun!

Most natural cookies are mildly sweet and have a gentle taste, but this American cookie is sweet and junky in a good way!That's what it feels like.Looking at the ingredients of this oatmeal cookie "Chocolate Chip Coconut", sugar is used, but I'm glad that brown sugar and maple syrup are used instead of refined sugar.

For small souvenirs

At ovgo Baker's online shop, gift boxes were also sold.It's great as a small gift for when you visit a friend's house!

A cookie that can be enjoyed by both vegans and non-vegans.Oatmeal cookies can also be a substitute for a busy morning meal.


There was also a SUBSCRIPTION service that had regular deliveries.It seems that seasonal flavors are also added every month, so it's nice to be able to look forward to what's in each time.Addictive!Because it is a delicious American cookie, I always want to stock it!There must be many fans.I am very happy with the subscription service.

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