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Plant-based cheese shreds

Violife "Plant-born cheese shred" is a plant-based cheese made mainly from coconut oil without using milk or nuts.There are two types: cheddar type and mozzarella type.

Both have the VEGAN certification mark.

It's pre-cut into strips, so it's perfect for toast, pizza, gratin, and more!

[Cheddar type]
Coconut oil, starch, salt, olive extract/processed starch, fragrance, paprika pigment, carotene pigment, vitamin B12

[Mozzarella type]
Coconut oil, starch, salt, olive extract/processed starch, fragrance, paprika pigment, carotene pigment, vitamin B12

Looking at the ingredients, they are the same.Is it an illusion that the colors are different, and when you actually eat it, you feel like you have a different flavor?

Try toasting it as is

First of all, I tried the "plant-born cheese shred" mozzarella type in a pizza toast style!

It tastes just like cheese!However, although it is the same as ordinary natural cheese, it does not stretch like a so-called "melting cheese".The surface tends to dry out.The texture of the strip remains.

By the way, if you mix the mozzarella type and cheddar type and put plenty of it on top before baking, you can enjoy the colors again, so it is recommended.

I want to melt more!

The point is to add a little water to make it gooey like melted cheese.

Put "plant-born cheese shreds" in a frying pan, add a little bit of a spoonful of water and heat it, it's strange!Melt!

If you take the time and effort to melt it on top of it and then toast it, it will be a nice touch!

Arranged in a cheese sauce style

The cheddar type has a beautiful color, so it goes well with meatball sauces.

In the same way, if you add a little water and heat it, it will immediately melt.

I tried this on a plant ball!You can enjoy various arrangements, such as pouring it over grilled vegetables or making it fondue-style!

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