Plant-born cheese block smoked type

Violife “Plant-born cheese block smoked type” is a plant-based cheese (vegan cheese) that does not use dairy products or nuts and uses coconut oil as the main ingredient.A brand from Greece, loved in over 50 countries around the world.In Japan, J-Oil Mills is the importer and will land in Japan in September 2021!You can now purchase it at the official online shop, making it easier to obtain.

The product name says ``plant-based cheese,'' but there is a note in Japanese that says, ``This is not a dairy cheese.'' 100% Vegan text under the Violife logo.There is also a Vegan certification mark on the bottom left of the label.In Japan, if you don't take this much care, it may be confused with cheese, which is a dairy product.

There is a device in the container

I will remove the film.It says "re-sealable" on the opening, but I'm convinced after trying it.Once you take it out, it sticks!

Once you peel off the common sliced ​​ham plastic container, it won't stick.If you can't eat it all at once, you have to transfer it to another container or wrap it in plastic wrap, which is convenient.It's eco-friendly because it doesn't produce unnecessary waste!

I imagined the familiar block cheese shape in Japan, a fan-shaped cheese that divides a circle into 6 equal parts, but this one is still round.I like the fact that it is not a perfect circle, but it has a relaxed feel to it.It's not individually wrapped, so there's no extra waste here either!

Cut into bite-size pieces and enjoy! It's about XNUMX equal parts, and it looks just right.

Like cheese!

The texture and taste are just like cheese!Is real cheese a little more fatty and softer?I think, but if you don't tell me, I'm sure you won't notice that this is plant-based.It's easy and good to eat as it is without heating.When it comes to so-called "alternative foods", it seems that there are many things that people have to put up with for the sake of their health and the environment, but you can enjoy your meal with a sense of satisfaction.

It has a smoky flavor, so it's perfect as a snack with alcohol along with nuts!It's delicious enough to eat as it is, but it can be used in various dishes.I cut it into dice and added it as a salad ingredient, but it tastes just as good as dairy cheese.

It does not use 28 allergens (specific raw materials, etc.), so even those who are allergic to these and cannot eat cheese will be happy to have more ways to enjoy food and more options.

Ingredients: coconut oil, starch, salt, olive extract/processed starch, fragrance, carotene pigment, vitamin B12

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