Industry first! ?Epoch-making hayashi rice

There are quite a few organic retort curry, but they are sold.In the organic industry, there are pre-packaged curry and hayashi rice roux, but it is a retort food that can be easily eaten just by heating, and it may be the first time for "hayashi rice"!It is organic JAS certified and does not use plant-derived raw materials.It is epoch-making that it is also vegan certified.

The product package has the VEGAN certification mark under the organic JAS mark.

Made with Organic Soy Meat

In addition to organic onions and mushrooms, the main ingredient is soy meat.Of course, we use certified organic soy meat.

Many retort curry products that use soy meat have the impression that they are minced meat, but this is a lump meat type.Quite a large size of soy meat is in it!

What flavor are you interested in?

I'm curious about the taste, but in a nutshell, it's a "Japanese style" hayashi rice.This flavor is like something I ate somewhere...?The first thing that came to mind was Hatcho Miso.

Looking at the ingredients list, organic Hayashiru (made in Japan), organic onion saute, organic tomato paste, organic onion, organic tomato ketchup, organic soy protein, organic mushroom, organic pork cutlet sauce, organic soybean miso, organic coconut sugar, organic White roux, organic cornstarch, organic vegetable bouillon, organic soy sauce, organic nutmeg/fragrance, (contains wheat, soybeans, and apples)

on second thoughts! "Organic soybean miso" is listed.

Regular hayashi rice is made by simmering meat and onions in domiglace sauce and pouring it over rice.Domigrass sauce is based on fond de veau, which is made by stewing beef, bones, and potherbs, so the sauce itself uses animal ingredients.It seems quite difficult to bring out the flavor without using these ingredients, but we use organic vegetable bouillon.Organic soybean miso and organic soy sauce are also included, and I think that these ingredients, which are familiar to Japanese people, give birth to the Japanese flavor, taste, and richness.

You don't have to worry about the soy meat or the unique smell that tends to be common, and it's satisfying because it's chewy.

I think it's good for people who don't like spicy curry, small children, and the elderly!

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Chef Fumio Yonezawa

ORGANIC PRESS editorial department

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