It's yogurt, but it's not dairy! ?Plant-based yogurt is gaining attention.The most popular is the so-called soymilk yogurt, which uses soymilk instead of cow's milk.Recently, plant-based milk has gained citizenship, and as if following this trend, plant-based yogurt using almond milk has started to be sold following soy milk. rice field.Meanwhile, I was interested in using "coconut milk".Happy COCO with headquarters in Germany!I tried coconut yogurt (plain)!

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"Dairy free" sticker

The first thing that caught my attention was the Japanese sticker that said, "No dairy products are used."Is it because many people mistakenly buy it as a dairy product?If it's a plant-derived yogurt, is it because it's easy to understand at a glance?Even though it has a cute design, why is this too simple sticker?Moreover, it is not attached straight. .

I was about to complain for a moment, but after peeling off the sticker, I understood the reason.

The expiration date is printed on the lid.

Since the date is printed in an overseas notation method, I think they probably want to hide that part with a sticker.This is probably because it is difficult for ordinary consumers to understand how to read.

There are some imported products.

*The expiration date is written in Japanese on the food label.

vegan and organic

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Milk, Organic Tapioca Starch / Thickener (Guar Gum).The raw material "coconut" that does not grow in Europe is from Sri Lanka.We use fair sourced products. 100% vegan and organic!We also have organic JAS certification.


Even the words “CO2 Neutral”!We also use ingredients that grow far away, like coconuts, but we aim to create carbon-neutral products by planting trees with Trees for All to offset the carbon footprint generated during transportation. .

Nice effort.

What is your favorite taste?

This is plain, so no sugar is used.First of all, just try it!

When you scoop it up with a spoon, it has less moisture and is solidified moderately.Like yogurt, like sour cream, like a fancy dessert...It has a rich, properly fermented yoghurt-like acidity.delicious.

Fluffy!It smells like coconut milk, but it's not too strong, so I don't mind.If you add fruit jams and sauces, it will become a tropical dessert!

Mash boiled potatoes and mix them with cucumbers, herbs, and coconut yogurt for a refreshing potato salad.It looks like it can be used for various dishes instead of mayonnaise and sour cream!

I would be happy if the price was a little more reasonable.

eco packaging

As you continue to eat, how are you?A cute illustration inside the cup! ?

The inside is a plastic cup.On the manufacturer's website, it was written that the goal is to make yogurt cups biodegradable in the future.Paper is wrapped around the cup.It is not a sticker, so it is easy to separate.

There are also imported products that have messages written in places that cannot be seen from the outside.This is especially true for organic and fair trade products.It's a good way to convey feelings that can't be conveyed just by labeling on the package.I want to manage!

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