The new brand, Fudo Kasui, launched this spring, uses 100% organic soybeans from Hokkaido.Speaking of substitute meat, there are many minced types, but recently there are various shapes.A sliced ​​type of soy meat that is worrisome.I tried immediately!

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100% organic soybeans from Hokkaido

Dried soy meat is a classic meat substitute that has been around for a long time.In fact, many of the products made in Japan also use defatted soybeans from overseas, and only a few of them use domestically produced soybeans.Meanwhile, this soy meat uses Hokkaido soybeans, and 100% organic soybeans!

As soon as I opened the bag, I noticed that there was no unpleasant smell!That means.It's crispy and dry, and it looks a bit like yuba.

Cooking method

Depending on the manufacturer, there are various ways to use it, such as soaking in water or lukewarm water, boiling, etc., but this is the boiled type.

“Boil in plenty of hot water for 5-10 minutes, rinse with water and wring out before using.”

There was a description, so I tried to prepare as it was.

Does it look like sliced ​​pork?It looks like cut off ham.Depending on the seasoning, it can be used in various recipes!I can't help but expect this.

What flavor are you interested in?

First, imagine yakiniku (grilled meat), season it with sauce, and then grill it.

There is no fat like real meat, so it is a pity that there is no scorch.However, it didn't have the common smell of soy meat, and the texture and taste were much like meat.If the slices were a little thicker, it might have been closer to the texture of yakiniku.

Next, I dare to stir-fry vegetables without seasoning.Seasoned simply with salt and pepper.

As expected, it doesn't have an unpleasant smell or peculiarity, so it's okay to use simple seasonings!It's like thinly sliced ​​loin ham with less salt.It's good that you don't have to add a strong seasoning to eliminate the soybean smell.If you want to incorporate soy meat for your health, but you don't like the smell of it, you may be okay with this.What's more, I'm happy that the raw material is 100% domestic organic soybeans.

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