Ever Egg

A plant-based egg "Ever Egg" jointly developed by TWO Co., Ltd. and Kagome.It is a so-called substitute egg that does not use animal raw materials.

2foods and Kagome use their unique technique of "half-boiled vegetables" created from the ideas and techniques of both companies, and it has an amazing melty texture!It's a frozen type, so you can eat it just by heating it in the microwave. (You can warm it with hot water or just defrost it and eat it.)

There is a note on the package that says, "This product is not an egg."smile

Ingredients: Edible vegetable oil (manufactured in Japan), white kidney bean puree, concentrated carrot juice, pea protein, salt, yeast extract/trehalose, thickener (processed starch), calcium lactate, polysaccharide thickener, gelling agent (sodium alginate). ), perfume

I tried!

Just heat it in the microwave without opening the bag!

* Approximately 500 minutes and 2 seconds at 40W (approximately 600 minutes and 2 seconds at 30W) with the back side up

please look!This quality!

Until now, there were many recipes that used pureed pumpkin or tofu as a substitute for eggs, which required a little effort and tricks.But with this, you don't need any troublesome cooking!

Melty omelet rice

It's not like I cooked it, but...

Just put warm Ever Egg on rice seasoned with tomato sauce and put ketchup on it.This alone makes it feel like it took a little time and effort.And about the taste that you are interested in, the texture is the egg itself.It's delicious enough without doing anything, but if you add a little black salt (a rock salt that smells like sulfur), I think it will be closer to the real thing.

Of course it's an omelet, but it looks like it can be made into a thick oyakodon style by combining it with chicken-like soy meat.

The number of options for plant-based meals seems to be increasing.

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