Speaking of Swedish food, meatballs !?Meatballs are a popular menu item at IKEA restaurants and food courts, but they are also sold as frozen foods that you can easily enjoy at home.

In addition, we are happy to say that there are also "plant balls" made from plant-based ingredients that do not use meat!

The impression is that many frozen foods in Japan have many flashy packages based on red.In particular, I feel that there are many designs from a child's perspective, probably because meatballs are often used for lunch boxes.As expected, IKEA originated in Northern Europe Sweden.The package design is also stylish.

No trays or subdivision bags, just as it is!No extra packaging material is used in the package.Weighing around 17g per piece. It is a large capacity containing 500g.

"Plant balls" made from plant-derived materials

It's an interesting raw material, but no animal-derived raw materials are used.

Pea protein, vegetable oil, potatoes, pea starch, onions, embaku bran, rice flour, mushroom concentrate, dried apples, grape sugar, salt, tomato powder, black pepper, all spices, maltodextrin / methylcellulose, fragrances, emulsifiers, Stabilizer (Arabic rubber), pH adjuster

Easy to make!

I actually cooked it immediately.The back label describes how to make it properly.

When using an oven, heat it in an oven warmed to 200 ° C for about 20 minutes.In the case of a frying pan, grind oil and heat on medium heat for 8 to 10 minutes.In the case of a microwave oven, put about 5 pieces on a plate, do not cover it, and use 700w for about 2 minutes.

No need to season with tomato sauce!You can eat it as it is just by heating it.

What is the taste you care about?

The texture is also meatballs!

If you don't tell me, you probably won't notice meat.Although it is derived from beans, it does not have any bean flavor.

The meat-like taste is produced by adding the flavors of mushrooms, potatoes, roasted vegetables, etc.

It doesn't have the spicy taste that is typical of overseas products, so I think it's a taste that is preferred by a wide range of people.It's pre-flavored, but I'm glad it's not too dark.In Sweden, it's standard to add mashed potatoes.This product does not need to be seasoned, but I would like to arrange the sauce to your liking and taste it in various variations.

In the future, I would be happy if you could make it with organic ingredients.

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