100% plant-based minced meat developed by IKEA without meat or eggs New release of VÄRLDSKLOK!I decided to give it a try.

VÄRLDSKLOK plant-based minced meat

"VÄRLDSKLOK" is a "pea-derived protein mince" that uses pea protein as a base.The name written on the food label is a frozen pea processed product.

Ingredients: pea protein, potato, fried onion, vegetable oil, processed onion, potato flakes, dried carrot fiber, potato starch, mushroom concentrate powder, salt, tomato powder, lemon juice concentrate, black pepper/thickener (methylcellulose). ), perfume

Natural thawing first

I immediately opened the bag and took a look inside.I imagined it to be a fine shape like minced meat, so it looks a bit surprising.It smells the same as IKEA meatballs from the same series.

on the cooking method

“Defrost as much as you like at room temperature for about 30 minutes (do not defrost in the microwave)”

It was written, so I naturally defrosted it.Gradually, it becomes a substitute meat-like feeling.It looks like coarsely cut chicken rather than minced meat.Unlike dry soy meat, it feels moist and juicy.

If you fry it as it is...

First, take advantage of the minced meat-like shape and stir-fry without kneading.

I tried the dry curry style.It doesn't become crumbly like real minced meat, and it's a little difficult to reproduce the elasticity and umami when you bite into it, but it looks okay.It might be good to try it with gapao rice.

I combined it with tomato sauce to make a classic meat sauce.

After all, I feel that the texture is too soft, but it was delicious.The sourness of tomatoes, garlic and chili peppers, and the smell of substitute meat is no longer annoying.

try molding

I decided to make a hamburger steak because I thought it would be good to mold it.

If you defrost it well, it will be quite soft.You can easily mold it just by putting it together.I want to leave the minced meat feeling, but it feels like it's been kneaded without kneading.That's a bit of a drawback, but it's nice to be able to make a solid shape without putting in a binder.

I wanted to make it look like a hamburger, so I added fried onions and other ingredients.

Stir-fry and mix your favorite vegetables and mushrooms to make it even more authentic.After that, just bake it in a frying pan like a normal hamburger.It looks perfect!

If you add quinoa or grains, it seems that the firm texture of minced meat will be added.It's worth trying to arrange it with various ingredients.

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