Ready to Eat!Convenient retort is also organic

Curry that has become so established in Japan that it can be said to be a Japanese national dish. Since the birth of the first "retort curry" in Japan in 1968, various types of retort curry such as high-class curry, health-oriented curry, full-scale overseas curry, and local curry have increased in recent years, and it has become a boom. It's so popular.In addition, due to the prolonged epidemic of new coronavirus infections and the frequent occurrence of natural disasters, we would like to stockpile a retort that can be stored at room temperature in case of emergency and can be easily eaten just by warming it!There is also a need for it, and it is becoming even more popular.

There are so many retort curries that you can't decide which one to choose, but many of them contain meat and seafood extracts, so there aren't many options for vegans yet.Moreover, when it comes to organic retort curry, there are only a few.

ORGANIC STORY's Organic Vegan Curry is a convenient retort that is both vegan and organic.The package is also nice!

I tried immediately.

Dry, rare in organic and natural products

If you check the notation on the back side, it says "organic vegan curry dry".Organic and natural retort curry has a gentle taste that even children can eat, and I feel that there are many sweet ones.I thought it was a little unsatisfactory for adults, so I'm glad if you are natural-minded and prefer dry!

Ingredients: Organic vegetables (organic onions, organic potatoes, organic carrots) (domestic), organic vegan curry roux (domestic), organic pumpkin paste (domestic), organic coconut sugar (Indonesia), organic garlic (domestic) organic ginger (domestic), Organic Garam Masala, Organic Cumin, Organic Kaien, (including some wheat)

The point is high that yeast extract is not used!Organic coconut sugar with a low GI value is used without using refined sugar.No animal ingredients such as meat, fish, dairy products or eggs are used.

An organic vegan curry with an organic JAS mark.

Organic vegetables are also included in a large size.It's more like a curry at home, and it's moderately spicy and delicious.White rice is delicious, but it goes well with brown rice!

I want to imitate!Organic vegetable toppings

It's delicious as it is, but as you can see in the image of the package, it will be even more delicious if you top it with vegetables!

Boiled vegetables and raw vegetables such as tomatoes are fine, but it is also recommended to grill seasonal vegetables and add colorful toppings.With plenty of vegetables, the nutritional value is also improved!

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