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The long-awaited Omni Meat single-use size!

The long-awaited single-use size from the Asian plant-based meat brand "Omni Meat" has been released on January 2021, 1 (Monday)!

Even in Tokyo, one of the world's leading gourmet cities, the taste is evaluated beyond the borders of vegan and non-vegan, from high-end restaurants such as restaurants in five-star hotels and major restaurant chains to familiar restaurants in just six months after launch. Widely introduced in a wide variety of genres.

The spread is not only in Tokyo, but Omni Meat is adopted in 7 stores in 30,000 countries around the world, mainly in Asia.We have companies from each country evaluate the reliable taste.

Deliciousness that even professionals can understand!So, it is widely introduced in a wide variety of genres, from high-end restaurants such as restaurants in five-star hotels and major restaurant chains to familiar restaurants.Omnimeat has been adopted by 7 dealers in 30,000 countries around the world, mainly in Asia, and has been evaluated by companies in each country.

▽ An alternative meat whirlwind igniter!Omni Meat single-use size is now available

First, unzip

Omni meat is stored frozen.Therefore, it is necessary to decompress it in advance!Transfer to the refrigerator and thaw slowly (8 hours or more), or expose to water in an unopened bag to thaw.By the way, if you do not use up all at once, please refrigerate after thawing and use within XNUMX days as a guide.

Here is the unzipped state.

The color and appearance are like minced chicken or pork, but it has a slightly sticky feel.Is the smell more like ham or sausage than fishy?I felt that.

Try to fry

I fry it in a frying pan with a small amount of oil.Real minced meat can be easily loosened, but omni meat is easy to stick to, so use a wooden spatula to loosen it by tapping it from above.Does it look like chicken soboro or tuna?It feels like.

Try to roll

Add vegetables such as chopped onions and knead, just like when making meatballs or hamburgers.It's originally sticky, so you don't have to knead it as hard as meat.However, it is a little easy to stick to your hand.

There is no need to connect eggs, etc., and it is easy to mold as it is.

Cooking example

Add tomato sauce to omni meat fried with chopped onions and mushrooms to make pasta sauce.If you don't tell me, it's a delicious bolognese that is mistaken for meat.

Also for Shumai!This time, the skin was made from Chinese cabbage, but if you use ordinary Shumai skin, it looks even more authentic.The omni pork before heating doesn't feel very grainy, so what happens if it's steamed?I thought, but it has a texture like minced meat.I'm surprised.


Compared to conventional so-called dried soybean meat, the "look" and "texture" are overwhelmingly realistic.The tight texture is quite close to real meat, and the taste is not exactly like meat, but it can be transformed into various dishes depending on the seasoning.It doesn't have the fishy or greasy odor of meat, so I prefer this one and it's delicious!Some people may say that.

Because it's vegan, it's vegetarian, it's healthy ... There are different reasons for choosing plant-based meat,

"Choose because it tastes better than meat"

It seems that we have finally entered such an era.

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