Organic cotton makeup remover sheet

As a pioneer of organic and natural sanitary napkins, Natracare has been making products that are friendly to human health and the environment for 30 years.The image of a sanitary napkin manufacturer is strong, but the wipe-off type makeup remover "Organic Makeup Remover Sheet" is now on sale!

▽ "3 types of wet sheets of ORGANIC & NATURAL & VEGAN Natracare are newly released"

The base material is 100% organic cotton that has acquired GOTS certification.Large format (19.5 cm x 19.5 cm), easy to use, not only for foundation makeup, but also keeps skin moisturized while removing sebum stains.Recommended for those who want to make up easily.

VEGAN certification

VEGAN certification has a strong image of food, but the number of manufacturers that have also acquired cosmetics has increased.There have been cosmetic brands that have declared that they will not carry out animal experiments, but vegan cosmetics that do not contain any animal-derived ingredients are still in the minority.Also, not all organic cosmetics are vegan, and some naturally derived ingredients may contain animal-derived ingredients.

For example, hyaluronic acid may be derived from chicken combs, placenta may be derived from placenta, animal or fish collagen, and colorants may be derived from insects.Some soaps are derived from beef tallow, and some soaps use dairy products and honey as moisturizing ingredients.Only cosmetics that are not included as animal-derived ingredients, including these, are vegan cosmetics.

It is difficult to instantly judge whether it is derived from plants or animals just by looking at the display of all the ingredients of cosmetics.With the certification mark, you can instantly recognize it as vegan cosmetics.

By the way, even vegan cosmetics are not always organic and natural.I hope that cosmetics with the organic certification mark will spread more and more.

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