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Chilled dumplings organic and vegan

Can be purchased at supermarkets, etc.Products that have acquired organic certification are now available for "chilled dumplings"!Moreover, it is a vegan dumpling that does not use animal ingredients such as meat.Until now, organically certified gyoza skins have been sold, but this is the first chilled type that can be eaten just by baking it with gyoza dumplings.Handmade dumplings are also delicious, but it takes time and effort to wrap the bean paste in the skin one by one.When you can't spend time preparing meals, it's nice to be able to make it quickly just by baking.Perfect to accompany alcohol!

Just bake in a frying pan!

Since it is molded neatly in advance, there is no need to wrap it by hand one by one.It's fun to wrap the bean paste in a round skin and close it while making folds, but chilled dumplings are useful for those who are not good at wrapping or when they don't have time.

Place the dumplings in a hot frying pan and bake. (In the case of an iron frying pan, add oil.) Add about 100 ml of water or lukewarm water and steam over high heat until the water runs out.Finally, sprinkle a small amount of sesame oil on it to make it brown and brown, and it's done!

When it's baked, just transfer it to a plate!Please add soy sauce or chili oil as it is.

What are the ingredients and tastes you care about?

Ingredients: Ingredients [organic cabbage, organic leek, organic long onion, organic garlic, organic ginger) (domestic), organic granular soy protein (soybean (not genetically modified)), organic bread flour, organic sesame oil, organic soy sauce, starch, Dried mashed potatoes, salt, organic yeast extract], rind [organic wheat flour (wheat (domestic)), salt], floured [bare soy sauce]

The skin is chewy!The soybean protein is a little softer.It is a light vegetable dumpling.Sprinkle small green onions and add chili oil to change the texture and make it spicy and punchy.Maybe you can use fried dumplings!

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