Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot is a vegan meal kit brand that can realize "sometimes vegan (part-time vegan)".All ingredients and recipes are delivered, so no difficult knowledge or time is required. It transforms the new choice of "only a few vegan meals a week" into a sustainable goal.

アメリカ本土48州を対象に毎週ヴィーガン食のミールキット宅配を展開する「Purple Carrot(パープルキャロット)」。オイシックス・ラ・大地株式会社がPurple Carrotの株式を取得、2019年10月よりOisixでのサービスがスタートしました!40を超える国内オリジナルメニューを開発し、サービス開始から9ヶ月で販売数累計25万食以上※のヴィーガン食販売サイトに成長しました。(※2019年11月〜2020年8月15日までの累計)

And this corona bruise, going out is modest, and the vegan meal kit is favored while the nesting period is prolonged. From Thursday, August 2020, 8, the sustainable grill restaurant "The Burn"New menu supervised by Chef Fumio YonezawaTwo items are now on sale.

I tried "Vegetable Bolognese supervised by Chef Fumio Yonezawa"!

Oisix's meal kit "Kit Oisix" is favored by customers who demand "shorter working hours" because of the convenience of delivering a set of ingredients and seasonings to their home and the ease of completing a meal in 20 minutes.In addition, Purple Carrot's "Vegan Meal Kit", like KitOisix, not only saves you the trouble of shopping and cutting ingredients, but also saves food.Recipes are also included, so even those who usually enjoy eating meat and fish can easily start a vegan diet.

The pocket of the outer bag contains the recipe, and the bag contains the subdivided ingredients.The outer bag will be switched to a biomass plastic material that contains plant materials derived from sugar cane, and all products are scheduled to be switched in May.Biomass material will be used for all outer bags (bags, recipe pockets, ink, adhesives).

With recipes that are easy to understand even for beginners

Along with the completed image photo, the ingredients and how to make it are included with a photo.If this is the case, those who do not usually cook at all and beginners of cooking are also safe.Since only the necessary ingredients are prepared in advance, it is possible to cook in a short time by using all the ingredients without the need for weighing.

Completed in no time!

Prepare according to the recipe, fry vegetables, boil pasta, etc., and it will be completed in no time!Sprinkle chopped parsley and serve in the same way while looking at the completed image photo.I'm glad that it comes with ingredients such as herbs that I hope are added to the accents and colors of the dishes.If you buy it at a supermarket, you may not be able to use it because the amount is too large, so it is a nice point to have an appropriate amount.Vegetables like beets also make the table gorgeous.It seems to be an opportunity to introduce vegetables that have never been used before.

First, imagine the finished form of the dish and procure all the ingredients, it is troublesome to think about the menu, you are not good at setup, you are busy and you do not have time, etc., dispel the negative image of those who are not good at cooking It seems that they will do it.It's also a good first step for those who want to take in vegan food from time to time.

On the other hand, it is possible to reduce food waste (food loss) at home by setting the required amount of ingredients and seasonings, but may the amount of waste in the packaging material increase?I cannot deny the impression.It is said that EC demand is expanding more and more due to the demand for nesting in the corona virus.I felt that it is an important theme that the food industry as a whole should consider in the future, such as environmental consideration in distribution, development of containers and packaging with less environmental load, and container recycling.

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Chef Fumio Yonezawa

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