Danish plant-based meat (alternative meat) "Naturli'" landed in Japan!

Sustainable plant-based meat (alternative meat) brand from Denmark"Naturli'" will land in Japan for the first time this spring!There are 6 types in the lineup. (Plant-based mince / Plant-based chicken / Plant-based patty (2 pieces) / Plant-based hot dog (5 pieces) / Plant-based organic spread / Plant-based organic block) Always with a wide variety of products The feature is that it is easy to adapt to the dining table and easy to arrange.

What are the ingredients in plant-based patties?

Unlike plant-based meat, which had many "soybean-derived" products until now, "peas" are used.Peas are said to be a more sustainable option compared to soybeans, which have a major impact on forests and natural ecosystems and the area of ​​farmland is expanding year by year.Also, it contains nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and dietary fiber, so it's good for your body!

Ingredients for “Plant-Based Patty”
Pea protein, rapeseed oil (not genetically modified), coconut oil, tomato, concentrated beetroot, glucose, potato starch, onion, salt, white pepper, lemon juice, malt extract (contains wheat) / fragrance, stabilizer (methylcellulose) )

Just thaw and bake!easy cooking method

First, let it defrost naturally or in the microwave.Cook in a greased frying pan until the surface is browned, turning occasionally. (About 6-7 minutes) After that, all you have to do is put it in a bun with your favorite vegetables!No molding or seasoning required!

It looks and tastes real!

What surprises me is how realistic it looks.Before thawing and baking, it's juicy like raw meat!There is not much habit, and not only the appearance but also the texture is close to real meat, which is a high degree of perfection.

Just defrost and bake, it's ok without seasoning.Is delicious.

If you don't tell me, some people might not realize it's plant-based meat! ?You can easily enjoy shop-level vegan burgers at home.

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