100% plant-based (plant-derived) cup ramen is now on sale!

A delicious and environmentally friendly plant-based (plant-derived) from IKEA Japan Co., Ltd., a Japanese subsidiary of IKEA, a home furnishing company originating in Sweden with the vision of "making more comfortable everyday life for more people". 100% cup ramen is now on sale on Saturday, April 2020, 4!

There are two types of vegetables-based salty and curry flavors on sale this time, which will be sold exclusively at IKEA stores in Japan.This is the first IKEA PB to design and sell everything from recipes to exterior packaging.

Ingredients for PLANT RAMEN

There are two types of plant-derived cup ramen "PLANT RAMEN", vegetable-based salty and curry.The noodles are non-fried because they do not use palm oil and are environmentally friendly.Most of the common cup ramen uses "fried noodles", so it is healthy because the calories are reduced because it is not fried. I'm glad that the calories per meal are also modest!

Of course, it does not contain animal-derived ingredients such as pork extract and chicken extract.No chemical seasonings are used, but it does not completely eliminate additives.Still, it turns out to be a simpler recipe when compared to the ingredients for common cup ramen.

The packaging is also shrink-wrapped, but the cup is made of paper to be environmentally friendly.Above all, it seems that IKEA has a fashionable Scandinavian design that doesn't remind you of junk cup ramen.I am surprised at the reasonable price of 1 yen per meal.

■ Plant ramen (salty)
One meal 1kcal 153 yen (tax included)
* Box purchase (12 pieces): IKEA Family member price 1,999 yen (tax included) (regular price 2,280 yen)

[Salty / raw materials]
Men (wheat flour (domestic production), salt, soybean dietary fiber), kayaku (cabbage, corn, onion), soup (salt, onion powder, yeast extract, dextrin, vegetable extract, soy sauce, spices, vegetable fats and oils) / processed starch , Kansui, spice extract, antioxidant (vitamin E), fine silicon dioxide, (some include wheat and soybeans)

■ Plant ramen (curry flavor)
One meal 1kcal 171 yen (tax included)
* Box purchase (12 pieces): IKEA Family member price 2,499 yen (tax included) (regular price 3,000 yen)

[Curry taste / raw materials]
Men (wheat flour (domestic production), salt, soybean dietary fiber), soup (salt, sugar, curry powder, dextrin, spices, yeast extract, onion powder, starch), kayaku (cabbage, corn, carrot, potato) / increase Viscous polysaccharide, curry powder, citrus, fine silicon dioxide, antioxidant (vitamin E), (some include wheat and soybeans)

What is your favorite taste?

When you open the shrink wrapping, you will find the soup base in addition to the noodles.As expected, it wasn't an IKEA-like design until the middle.smile

First, put only the noodles on top of the noodles and pour boiling water.

After 5 minutes with the lid on, loosen the noodles, add the powdered soup and stir the whole.

The noodles are not too soft and have a smooth throat.The soup has a light and gentle taste and is delicious.Those who always like strong flavors and those who love ordinary cup ramen!It may seem a little light for those who are familiar with it, but it is just right for those who are accustomed to eating natural instant noodles.If you are new to natural ramen, you may want to try the spicy curry flavor first.It doesn't lean on your stomach, so you can eat it for a midnight snack when you're hungry without feeling guilty!

IKEA cup ramen that incorporates plant-based (plant-derived), which is also a global food trend.At a reasonable price, the stylish Scandinavian design that you can easily pick up is also attractive!There is no sense of discomfort in the fashionable kitchen and interior.I hope that many people will be interested in health- and environment-friendly foods as a result of this.

I would like to expect more organic and natural product development in the future.

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"Made in Japan! Sustainable and healthy IKEA PB foods are now available at a more affordable price"

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