The bakery cafe "1110 CAFE / BAKERY", which uses plant-based ingredients and allows you to enjoy your favorite breakfast, is ALL DAY BREAKFAST with the new plant-based menu products "today's start plate" and "pancakes". (All-day breakfast) is available. From Friday, October 2021, 10, there will be a time zone from 1:8 to 00:15.

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In a calming space, enjoy the first meal of the day, "BREAK FAST"

1110 CAFE / BAKERY cherishes the first meal of the day, "BREAKFAST". The time to take BREAKFAST varies depending on the customer.We have set ALLDAY BREAKFAST (time zone: 1:8 to 00:15) so that you can spend a rich time in the garden full of various vegetation where you can feel the four seasons.

* LUNCH can be enjoyed from 11:00 to 15:00.

Expressed with plant-based ingredients!

ALLDAY BREAKFAST adds a new menu in addition to the standard foods (Veggie Benedict, French Toast, Pain de Mie Toast).All plant-based ingredients are created by Chef Hiroyasu Nishikawa of 1110 CAFE / BAKERY, and the taste is delicately expressed.

Chef, Oizumi Factory Co., Ltd., in charge of menu development
Hiroyasu Nishikawa

After working at The Westin Tokyo and The Peninsula Tokyo, he worked as a staff member of the chef Harumi Kurihara.After working as the manager of the natural food restaurant "ecomo" in Fujisawa, he worked on the development of vegan menus as our chef.


today's start plate 1,700 yen (tax included)

Reproduce the color, taste, and texture of scrambled eggs with plant-based ingredients such as yuba and pumpkin.

Pancake 1,400 yen (tax included)

A gluten-free, voluminous pancake made from rice flour and soybean flour is a dish that chef's skill shines everywhere, such as the texture and flavor when put in the mouth.

FOOD menu example


The concept of the store is that the three environments of "nature," "life," and "body" become "○ (maru) = beautiful," and the PLANT BASED MENU, which creates carefully selected materials with a unique combination, and craftsmen carefully bake each one in a kiln. Enjoying freshly made bread in a lush garden, everything is a new sense of CAFE & BAKERY.

■ Address: 332-0004-5 Ryoke, Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture 4-1
■ TEL: 048-229-1085
■ Business hours: 8: 00-16: 00 (LO food and drink 15: 00 / Regular holiday: Monday * If Monday is a national holiday, the next Tuesday)
・ ALLDAY BREAKFAST (8: 00-15: 00)
・ LUNCH (11: 00-15: 00)
■ Number of seats: 34 seats (inside the store: 12 seats, terrace seats: 22 seats)

FOOD: Veggie Benedict, French toast, KNOT egg sandwich, etc.
BAKERY: 1110 ・ Bucket, Leysin, Pandomi ・ 1110, ANPAN, etc.
DRINK: Organic Americano, Organic Plant-based Latte, Organic Tea, etc.

> store information: ORGANIC PRESS

Store information is posted on "ORGANIC PRESS".

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