We are now accepting orders for "Additive-Free Organic Natural Derived New Year dishes" from the long-established organic restaurant Midorie, which is celebrating its 21st anniversary in Meguro, Tokyo!Not only is it safe, but it is also an original osechi that has been made with even more attention to "deliciousness" with the ingenuity of an organic restaurant.We have prepared new year dishes for vegetarians this year as well.Have a nice New Year with a new year that is kind to your body and soul.

Additive-free, organic naturally derived New Year dishes, vegetarian (for 2-3 people)

* Early discount is available until the end of October.

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4 recommended points

1. Uses organic and organic ingredients.We use only selected ingredients selected according to strict standards
We select organic vegetables and pesticide-free vegetables directly from farmers cultivated without using pesticides and chemical fertilizers, natural fish directly from fishing ports, free-range chickens, and natural eggs of chickens that have not been treated with antibiotics. We use only the extracted ingredients.We are particular about seasonings, soy sauce is naturally brewed organic soy sauce, and salt is mineral-rich natural salt.

2. Deliver the deliciousness of handmade and raw New Year dishes by refrigerated flight on December 12st.
We will deliver freshly made New Year dishes by refrigerated flight on the 31st.Since it is not stored frozen, the taste of an organic restaurant is delivered as it is.Since it arrives in an assorted state, there is no need for troublesome thawing and serving.

3. No additives, including seasonings and ingredients
Not only do we use no additives during the cooking process, but we also use ingredients and seasonings that are additive-free.From children to the elderly, you can enjoy it with confidence.

4. No white sugar is used.Seasoning that makes the best use of the deliciousness of low-salt ingredients
In order to maximize the deliciousness of the ingredients, sugar is basically not used.For sweetening, use organic agave syrup.Since the sugar and salt content is modest, it is very popular with people who have the image of "Osechi = sweet and salty".It is a seasoning that is typical of an organic restaurant, with ingenuity added to the standard New Year dishes.

Additive-free, organic naturally derived New Year dishes, vegetarian

◎ Datemaki of organic tofu and organic pumpkin
Datemaki is a smooth mixture of organic tofu and organic pumpkin paste that is savoryly baked in the oven.It is characterized by the sweetness and moist texture of pumpkin.

[Raw materials] Organic tofu, organic pumpkin, mirin, potato starch, vegetable soup stock, salt
<Specific raw materials> Wheat, soybeans

◎ Deep-fried two-color raw fu
I made fried raw fu with green wormwood and simple white fu.You can enjoy the chewy texture.

[Ingredients] Raw fu with wormwood, raw fu, soy sauce, sake, mirin, vegetable soup stock, chili pepper
<Specific raw materials> Wheat, soybeans

◎ Boiled organic vegetables and organic konjac
It is boiled to an elegant taste so that the original taste of the material can be utilized.

[Ingredients] Konjac, lotus root, carrot, burdock, soy sauce, sake, mirin, vegetable soup stock, chili pepper
<Specific raw materials> Wheat, soybeans

◎ Mushroom and olive balsamic marinade
Stir-fried various mushrooms and organic onions and marinated in organic balsamic vinegar.It has a rich scent and a rich taste.

[Ingredients] Onion, king trumpet, mushroom, shimeji mushroom, enoki mushroom, olive, paprika, rapeseed salad oil, olive oil, rice vinegar, balsamic vinegar, salt, garlic, spices

◎ Tempeh spicy Nanban pickles
Domestic tempeh is pickled in Western-style Nanban.
The flavor of organic spices is an accent.

[Ingredients] Tempeh, onions, carrots, rice vinegar, mirin, soy sauce, rapeseed salad oil, spices, vegetable soup stock
<Specific raw materials> Wheat, soybeans

◎ Veggie meat and paprika chili sauce
Veggie meat and paprika made from wheat protein are fried and mixed with homemade chili sauce.

[Ingredients] Veggie meat (wheat protein, soy sauce, salt), paprika, kidney beans, tomato ketchup, long onion, rice vinegar, soy sauce, rapeseed oil, agave syrup, ginger, garlic, agave syrup, cayenne pepper, sesame oil
<Specific raw materials> Wheat, soybeans, sesame, apples

◎ Veggie meat pine-style grilled
Matsukaze-yaki made from veggie meat made from wheat protein.The texture of walnuts and the hidden taste of miso and ginger give it a deep taste.It is cut into a congratulations Suehiro type.

[Ingredients] Veggie meat (wheat protein, soy protein, rapeseed oil, wheat starch, soy sauce), onions, bread flour, walnuts, miso, potato starch, sesame seeds, ginger, pepper
<Specific raw materials> Wheat, soybeans, sesame, walnuts

◎ Roasted nuts cooked in candy
Roasted organic nuts and entwined with a sweet and spicy sauce.

[Raw materials] Walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts, mirin, soy sauce, agave syrup
<Specific raw materials> Wheat, soybeans, walnuts, cashew nuts

◎ Kanro-ni plum and dried fruit compote
A compote of soft plums pickled in syrup and organic dry mango and goji berries.You can enjoy the deliciousness of the ingredients without being too sweet.

[Raw materials] Plum, dried mango, wolfberry, white wine, sugar

◎ Organic beet and roasted apple kinua salad
The sweetened apples and organic beets that were baked in the oven were entwined with organic quinoa to make a colorful salad.

[Ingredients] Apples, quinoa, beets, onions, rapeseed salad oil, olive oil, rice vinegar, salt, spices
<Specific raw materials> Apples

◎ Red and white of organic carrots
Marinated organic and pesticide-free carrots and radishes with homemade dressing.The secret flavor of agave syrup adjusts the sweetness.

[Ingredients] Organic / pesticide-free carrots, organic / pesticide-free radishes, organic raisins, organic ginger, organic agave syrup, organic apple vinegar, pressed rapeseed oil (not genetically modified), natural salt, organic cardamom, organic coriander
<Specific raw materials: None>

◎ Boiled plump flower beans
We boiled high quality Hokkaido flower beans in a pressure cooker.Modest sweetness, it is a gem that is irresistible for bean lovers!

[Ingredients] Flower beans, organic agave syrup, organic soy sauce (naturally brewed, including wheat), natural salt
<Specific raw material: wheat>

◎ Organic white sesame seeds
Tatakibo with moderate acidity and elegant taste is mixed with white rice.Rich and delicious.

[Ingredients] Organic / pesticide-free burdock, organic white sesame, organic soy sauce (naturally brewed, including wheat), mirin (mother of taste), vinegar (staggered vinegar), pure rice sake
<Specific raw material: wheat>

◎ Light red and white pickles
Red and white pickles using organic and pesticide-free radish.The red pickles were colored with beets.The lightly pickled pickles have a refreshing sourness that makes them refreshing.

[Ingredients] Organic / pesticide-free radish, organic beets, pure rice liquor, organic bay leaf, natural salt, hawk's claw, organic coriander, organic black pepper, organic agave syrup, vegetable stock (salt, starch, yeast extract, onions, wheat, Soybeans, celery, carrots)
<Specific raw materials: None>

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