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Vegan & organic W certified!

"Vegan & Organic Okonomi Sauce", which is double certified by VEGAN and ORGANIC, is now on sale. In addition to being particular about the selection of raw materials, we combine the characteristics of each ingredient in a well-balanced manner to create a sauce with rich flavor and richness.

Commitment to raw materials

Organic sugar is organic raw sugar from the sugar country of Brazil and brown sugar from Costa Rica in South America, highly rare organic apples are from Italy, ripe organic tomatoes are from California, organic soy sauce is from Japan, and organic brewed vinegar is from Germany. Made with carefully selected materials from all over the world. An okonomiyaki sauce that takes advantage of the mellow sweetness, with the flavor of kelp and shiitake mushrooms and the flavor of spices blending into the thick, concentrated sweetness and flavor. You can add depth to everyday menu items such as okonomiyaki, fried foods, and aquaculture.

About Takahashi sauce

Takahashi Sauce Co., Ltd. is a 100-year-old liquid seasoning manufacturer focused on sauces and tomato ketchup that was founded in Honjo City, Saitama Prefecture in XNUMX, when Western food culture flourished after the war. Committed to "safety and security," we began developing sauces that do not use food additives in the XNUMXs, and have released the current "Country Harvest Sauce," a sauce that uses organic vegetables and does not use food additives. did. In addition, we are constantly striving to produce safe foods, including launching Japan's first organic sauce made with XNUMX% organic ingredients, organic tomato ketchup, and organic dressing.

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