Four new types of original "Fair Trade Yokan" using specially cultivated adzuki beans from Tokachi, Hokkaido are now on sale from "People Tree", a brand specializing in fair trade!

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About taste

The base of the bean paste is made by artisans who use specially cultivated adzuki beans from Tokachi, which are said to be of the highest quality, fair trade brown sugar (Muscobado sugar) that condenses the gentle sweetness of sugar cane from Negros Island in the Philippines, and thin agar made using traditional methods. Cook and knead it thoroughly.

In order to make the most of the carefully selected ingredients, the craftsmen carefully check the season, the weather that day, and the condition of each ingredient, and then carefully cook and knead the ingredients. The reliable techniques and understanding of ingredients that only an anan manufacturer that has been producing for almost 100 years have produced into yokan with a smooth texture and deep flavor.

Topped with the familiar fair trade & organic chocolate and fair trade dried fruits. You can enjoy the delicious harmony of carefully selected ingredients that are full of nourishment.

[What are specially cultivated agricultural products]
Agricultural products that are grown with less chemical fertilizers and pesticides (the nitrogen content of chemical fertilizers and the number of times the target pesticides are used is less than 5% of the customary amount) in an effort to achieve sustainable agriculture that takes advantage of natural cycles.

Support through shopping

Adzuki beans are a delicate crop that is susceptible to climate change, so prices fluctuate widely and harvesting is time-consuming. For this reason, even in Tokachi, which is known both domestically and internationally as a producer of top-quality soybeans, there is an increasing shift to soybeans, which are durable and in high demand.

The specially cultivated red beans used here were produced by farmers and organizations promoting sustainable, organic farming.

Ingredients other than red beans (brown sugar, chocolate, dried fruit) are also fair trade ingredients. Transaction prices are taken into consideration so that producers can make a living by directly communicating with smallholder farmers' organizations.

By actively using these materials, People Tree supports the activities of producers and aims to realize a ``happy society where people and nature coexist'', which is the goal of organic and fair trade.

Fair trade yokan muscovado sugar

[Muscobado sugar]
A simple brown sugar yokan made only with flavorful muscovado sugar, specially grown red beans, and thin agar. The texture and texture are carefully crafted, and the ingredients are used to create a taste that you will never get tired of.

Contents amount: 50g
Price: 360 yen (tax included)
Ingredients: brown sugar, red beans, agar

Fair trade yokan chocolate

The familiar organic bitter chocolate from Switzerland is kneaded into it. Yokan has a unique texture and melts in the mouth, with a rich cacao flavor. It has a complex taste similar to raw chocolate.

Contents amount: 50g
Price: 420 yen (tax included)
Ingredients: Brown sugar, red beans, organic chocolate (organic raw sugar, organic cacao mass, organic cocoa butter, vanilla flavoring), agar

Fair trade yokan strawberry and chocolate

[Strawberry and chocolate]
The familiar Swiss organic bitter chocolate is kneaded into the yokan, and the sweet and sour strawberry from Madagascar is accented.

Contents amount: 50g
Price: 420 yen (tax included)
Ingredients: Brown sugar, red beans, organic chocolate (organic raw sugar, organic cacao mass, organic cocoa butter, vanilla flavoring), dried strawberries, agar

Fair trade yokan mango and scallops

[Mango and scallops]
A simple brown sugar yokan is topped with sour organic American mangoes (from Burkina Faso) and golden berries (from Madagascar), which have a chewy texture and a sweet and sour taste. The nutritious dried fruits grown in the sun and the yokan make a perfect match.

Contents amount: 50g
Price: 420 yen (tax included)
Ingredients: brown sugar, red beans, organic dried mango, dried golden berries, agar

About People Tree's manufacturing

People Tree is a brand specializing in fair trade.We work with approximately 18 organizations in 145 countries in Asia, Africa, Central and South America, etc. that are members of the World Fair Trade Federation (WFTO) to manufacture products that maintain transparency in the production background.

We plan and sell products such as clothing, miscellaneous goods, and food that are as organic as possible and made using renewable natural materials that do not place a burden on the environment.

By utilizing handicrafts, we continue to provide income opportunities to socially and economically disadvantaged people in developing countries and support sustainable production.Manual work does not require large-scale capital investment or electricity, and is a method that is compatible with the local infrastructure environment.It also leads to the inheritance of traditional techniques.

■Guarantee obtained by People Tree
WFTO (World Fair Trade Federation) Fair Trade Guarantee System

People Tree has been a member of WFTO (formerly known as IFAT) since 1996, and was certified in 10 under a system that guarantees that WFTO's ``2013 Fair Trade Guidelines'' are adhered to.

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