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Ryuhaku, a domestic organic cosmetics brand that delivers the pure blessings of Okinawa's nature to your skin and soul, has renewed its sunscreen for the face and body, Ryuhaku UV Veil!

Ryuhaku UV veil renewal points

In recent years, skin irritation and aging have been increasing due to not only UV rays, but also blue light, pollen, and air pollutants. By adding Okinawan skin care ingredients that act as a shield to protect your skin from external stress, we have evolved into a UV liquid that can be used not only for outdoor activities, leisure, and travel, but also for everyday UV protection.

SPF50+ PA++++ High UV protection power remains the same!

◎83.9% blue light reduction possible
◎Protect your skin from pollution such as pollen and PM2.5
◎Achieved the highest value of water resistance test★★
◎Patch test and stinging test for sensitive skin (Can be used by children over 3 months old)
◎Improved to feel more moisturizing and spreads well without stickiness

Ryuhaku UV veil

Ryuhaku UV Veil 50mL 3,960 yen (tax included)
SPF50+ PA++++
Blue light cut is 83.9%
Water resistance★★
Patch test and stinging test for sensitive skin
*This does not mean that stimulation will not occur for everyone.

[Cosmos organic cosmetics certified by Ecocert Green Life]
◎100% naturally derived ingredients
◎20% organic ingredients
◎In accordance with Cosmos Organic standards, no animal-derived ingredients are used, and no animal testing is conducted by our company or third-party institutions.

What is domestic organic cosmetics Ryuhaku?

"Ryuhaku" is a certified product that delivers the blessings of nature, including the vitality-filled Ryukyu herb "Getto" that grows without being succumbed to the scorching sun, to the skin, scalp, and heart of people who are sensitive due to their busy lives. Domestic organic cosmetics.

Since its launch in 2012, 15 products have been released. It is sold not only in Japan but also in over 14 stores in 200 countries around the world, including France.

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