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Inspired by the unique sour taste of cacao beans

Fermented sparkling tea/organic kombucha "_SHIP KOMBUCHA" will release a limited-time flavor "CACAO CHAI" in collaboration with bean to bar chocolate specialty store "Dandelion Chocolate" from February 2rd (Friday).

_SHIP KOMBUCHA A limited edition flavor inspired by the brewer's memories of cacao juice he happened to encounter overseas, and the charm of the unique sourness of cacao beans that he learned about at the Bean to Bar chocolate specialty store "Dandelion Chocolate Factory & Café Kuramae" is.

From cacao fruit to cacao beans, the raw material for chocolate, fermentation takes place to form the flavor and characteristics of the cacao beans. In fact, it is surprisingly little known that acetic acid bacteria, which are also present in kombucha, work during this process to produce acetic acid.

This time, with the cooperation of Dandelion Chocolate, through fermentation of kombucha, we have created a new type of cacao, such as a lychee-like fruitiness that reminds you that cacao is a fruit, and a sourness that is a little different from what you usually taste. I was able to create flavor.

Furthermore, in order to value the taste of the drinker, we have combined the spices used in chai to compensate for the pleasant feeling after drinking, while also providing a lingering cacao scent and a feeling of relaxation. I finished it.

Utilizing the discarded part of cacao. Upcycling efforts

In the process of making chocolate, cacao beans are divided into endosperm (cacao nibs), germ (germ), and husk (cocoa husk), and the husk (cocoa husk) is discarded.

_SHIP brand's desire is to be a company that continues to create new value, and we also place importance on upcycling initiatives. In this project, in order to create new value for cacao as an ingredient, Dandelion Chocolate provided us with this husk (cacao husk), and we decided to take on the challenge of using it in our products.



Price: XNUM X (excl. Tax)
Capacity: 300ml

Sales: "_SHIP" official online shop, KOMBUCHA Brewery&Taproom, 1110 CAFE/BAKERY, Oizumi factory NISHIAZABU, some "_SHIP" stores, etc.
* Sales will end as soon as they are sold out.

About "_SHIP"

Oizumi Factory's original kombucha (≠ kombucha) brand that has acquired organic JAS certification and is brewed using natural ingredients such as pesticide-free and naturally cultivated ingredients without adding any fruit juice, flavorings, or preservatives. This is fermented sparkling tea.

KOMBUCHA KUP AWARDS 3: 1rd place in the original category “ORIGINAL”, 2023st place in the herb category “SHISO”, WORLD KOMBUCHA AWARDS 3 1 single fruit category 4rd place “YUZU”, and XNUMXst place in the hop category “HOP BREEZE”. doing.

We are the only kombucha brewery in Japan that uses a non-heating method, and our craftsmen take the time to carefully brew the tea, from extraction to fermentation to bottling. This is truly "Japanese kombucha." You can enjoy the fruity sourness and flavor derived from fermentation like no other.

_SHIP Kombucha Brewery & Tap Room

Location: 332-0004-5 Ryoke, Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture 4-1
Business days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Opening hours: 10: 00 to 16: 00
TEL: 048-222-1171

▽_SHIP Kombucha

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