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GREEN GROWERS Meal “Keema Curry”

“Keema Curry” is now on sale from “GREEN GROWERS Meal”, a retort food that uses plant-based meat substitute “BEYONDMEAT®”! Along with the ``Vegetable Curry'' and ``Bolognese'' released last year, the lineup includes a total of 3 types. It will be sold through online delivery along with Maruetsu Co., Ltd., Kasumi Co., Ltd., and Maxvalu Kanto Co., Ltd. stores.

In addition, this product uses acai cultivated through agroforestry, and the amount of CO₂ that can be reduced per product is numerically stated.

It uses flavored vegetables and tomato paste to bring out the sweetness and flavor of the vegetables, giving it a rich flavor. A plant-based keema curry that uses "BEYONDMEAT®" and acai, and is healthy and environmentally friendly.

[Estimated value per serving]
Energy: 166 kcal, protein: 9.9, fat: 6.6g (saturated fatty acid: 1.1g, trans fatty acid: 0g), cholesterol: 0mg, carbohydrate: 16.7, salt equivalent: 1.9g

Price: 398 yen (tax excluded) / 429 yen (tax included)

Sales destination: Maruetsu Co., Ltd., Kasumi Co., Ltd. (excluding "FOOD OFF Stocker"), Maxvalu Kanto Co., Ltd. stores


BEYOND MEAT® is a plant-based meat substitute produced by BEYOND MEAT, INC. in California, USA, which is world-famous as a substitute meat. The texture is just like meat!'' This product is popular in the United States as well.

United Supermarket Holdings, Inc. (USMH) has entered into an exclusive sales agreement with Beyond Meat in Japan to develop the company's products under its Green Growers brand. BEYOND BEEF® (1 pound, half size) and its delicatessen products are sold at some group stores. We aim to contribute to society through our products, such as by communicating the deliciousness and ways to eat meat substitutes in the Japanese market, where they have just begun to become popular, achieving health through the intake of high-quality protein, and solving environmental problems. .

▽United Supermarket Holdings Co., Ltd.

GREEN GROWERS Meal “Vegetable Curry” “Bolognese”

■GREEN GROWERS Meal “Vegetable Curry”

[Estimated value per serving]
Energy: 208 kcal, protein: 9.2 g, fat: 12.2 g (saturated fatty acids: 2.3 g, trans fatty acids: 0 g), cholesterol: 0 mg, carbohydrates: 15.3 g, salt equivalent: 2.7 g

Price: 398 yen (tax excluded) / 429 yen (tax included)

■GREEN GROWERS Meal “Bolognese”

[Estimated value per serving]
Energy: 197 kcal, protein: 8.6 g, fat: 10.1 g (saturated fatty acids: 1.4 g, trans fatty acids: 0 g), cholesterol: 0 mg, carbohydrates: 17.8 g, salt equivalent: 2.1 g

Price: 298 yen (tax excluded) / 321 yen (tax included)

About the CO₂ reduction mark

The package displays the ``CO₂ reduction mark,'' which is the amount of CO₂ absorbed by the agroforestry farming method in which Acai is grown, converted into the amount of reduction per product. This is a reduction figure based on the acai puree from Frutta Frutta Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Makoto Nagasawa) used in the product. The Amazon fruits handled by Frutta Frutta are harvested through "agroforestry" (agriculture that creates forests), which is carried out in conjunction with Amazon forest regeneration activities, and has been approved to display the amount of CO₂ reduction. (Certified by the Ministry of the Environment)

(CO₂ reduction value per piece: “Keema Curry” 27g, “Vegetable Curry” 38g, “Bolognese” 18g)


This is a meal food series from USMH's private brand ``Green Growers,'' which develops sustainability-friendly products based on the concepts of ``safety and security,'' ``healthy,'' and ``environmentally friendly.'' We aim to achieve "well-being" that is kind to both the body and the environment, focusing on foods made with plant-based foods.

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