The second collaboration between Wind and Light x Soranoiro!

Wind and light x Soranoiro, a dream collaboration! The second product following "Vegan Soupless Dandanmen". “Organic vegan curry udon” is now on sale from Kaze to Hikari!

Established in 2011, SORANOIRO is a popular ramen shop with three branches in Tokyo.The signboard menu is Japan's first "Veggie Soba" (noodles, soup, and ingredients are all vegetables) and "Vegan Veggie Soba" (ramen that does not use any animal ingredients). In 3, it was the first ramen restaurant to be listed in the Michelin Guide Tokyo Bib Gourmand.Chihiro Miyazaki, the owner of SORANOIRO, has developed more than 2014 types of ramen.After more than 200 years of training at Ippudo, he opened SORANOIRO in Kojimachi. "Veggie Soba" created a whirlwind in the industry.

Kaze to Hikari's Organic Vegan Curry Udon, created under the supervision of Solanoiro's Chihiro Miyazaki, is organic, low-temperature-dried non-fried noodles with a spicy and fragrant soup and a chewy texture. The container is also made with consideration for the natural environment, making it a delicious cup that is kind to both your body and the environment.

organic vegan curry udon

Pour hot water and take 4 minutes! Certified organic and vegan curry udon that combines the convenience of cup noodles that can be eaten anytime, anywhere. Organic dried noodles have been commercialized by the masters of Inaniwa Udon, a specialty of Akita Prefecture, through extensive research and efforts. The curry soup mixes well with the non-fried noodles that have been dried at a low temperature for a long time. The ingredients include delicious organic dried green onions and organic dried onions. Please enjoy the spicy and fragrant soup and chewy organic non-fried noodles dried at low temperature.

■Contents: 71.5g (50g noodles, 20g soup, 1.5g)
Suggested retail price: 580 yen (excluding tax) / 626 yen (tax included)
■Ingredients: Organic noodles [organic wheat flour (made in Australia), salt], organic seasonings [organic curry roux (made in Japan), salt, organic cornstarch, organic sugar, organic yeast extract, organic curry powder, organic shiitake mushroom powder, kelp powder, chili powder], Kayaku [organic dried onion (domestic production), organic dried green onion] (contains wheat in part)
■Cooking method: Put the noodles and oysters in a cup and pour boiling water. (Approximate amount of hot water is 300ml) Cover with a lid and wait XNUMX minutes, stir well and serve.
■Certification: Organic JAS/VEGAN

Containers that are considerate of the natural environment

The containers are also made with consideration for the natural environment. The cup is made from natural materials and is not coated, so you can use it as compost after you finish eating.

We are also working to reduce the use of plastic by wrapping our products in paper instead of shrink-wrapping them.

> original text: ORGANIC PRESS

This article is a re-edited version of the "ORGANIC PRESS" article published on March 2023, 12.

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