ZENB Mameloni, a gluten-free pasta made from 100% yellow peas sold by ZENB JAPAN Co., Ltd., is now available on the cafe restaurant Cosme Kitchen Adaptation's winter limited menu, Homemade Vegan Meatball Macaroni. & Cheese” adopted!“ZENB Mameloni” products will also be sold at the store.

Homemade vegan meatball macaroni and cheese

A dish that combines homemade vegan meatballs made with herbs and spices to macaroni and cheese, an American soul food that is very popular among children and adults alike.We use vegan cheddar cheese and macaroni made with 100% yellow pea short pasta "ZENB Mameloni", which is not only vegan and gluten-free, but also contains protein, dietary fiber and iron, and has 30 less carbohydrates than regular macaroni. % off also available.Please fully enjoy the healthy junk taste only available at the Shibuya store.

"Homemade vegan meatball macaroni and cheese"
■Sales period: December 2023, 12 (Friday) to December 1, 12 (Sunday) *Available all day
■Business hours: 11:00-22:00 (LO 21:30)
■ Sales price: 1,738 yen (tax included)
■Sales store: Cosme Kitchen Adaptation Shibuya Hikarie store (Shibuya Hikarie 2th floor, 21-1-7 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

“ZENB Mameloni” products are also on sale.

"ZENB Mameloni" is a short pasta made from 100% yellow peas that has an appealing bean flavor that spreads when you bite into it.Made with whole yellow peas, including their thin skins, which are rich in dietary fiber and protein, this is a low GI food that gently absorbs carbohydrates, and is 30% lower in carbohydrates than regular macaroni.Also compatible with gluten-free.You can use the amount you like according to your menu, from soups and gratins to salads and stir-fried dishes.Coinciding with the menu sales, it is on sale for a limited time at Cosme Kitchen Adaptation Shibuya Hikarie store.

Cosme Kitchen Adaptation Shibuya Hikarie store

Cosme Kitchen Adaptation is a cafe restaurant based on the concept of Clean Eating: ``Eating deliciously and beautifying your mind and body.'' Adaptation = To adapt, adapt, and change (according to the situation, etc.). The name Adaptation means that while valuing Japanese food culture such as fermented foods and a brown rice vegetarian diet, we also adapt (adapt, adapt, change) and incorporate various dietary methods such as macrobiotics, raw foods, veganism, and gluten-free eating. , I named it because I want people to enjoy the meals they have by adapting them to their current needs.We also propose clean eating through a collaboration that adapts the thoughts of people active in various genres and our own thoughts.

About ZENB

ZENB is a brand that proposes a well-being diet for the future that uses as many whole plants as possible, is delicious and good for the body, and contributes to the health of people, society, and the earth.We have captured all the deliciousness and nutrition of plants such as vegetables, beans, and grains as much as possible.By creating flavors that do not rely on animal ingredients or additives, we take advantage of the deliciousness of the ingredients themselves.“ZENB Noodles,” “ZENB Mameloni,” “ZENB Meal,” and “ZENB Chips” are made using yellow peas, which are healthier and more environmentally friendly than wheat or rice, as well as whole vegetables, including the core and skin that are usually thrown away without being eaten. We sell "ZENB Paste", "ZENB Stick", "ZENB Curry", "ZENB Soup", etc. using ZENB.


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