A new business format from ovgo Baker, a 100% plant-based American bake shop!Banana bread specialty store "ovgo Baker BBB" will open at Toranomon Hills Station Tower B2023F T-MARKET on Friday, November 11, 24.

Great for a snack for office workers

Along with cookies, ovgo Baker's signature product, banana bread has been extremely popular since its founding, despite being limited to stores.When opening a store in the Toranomon area, where there are many office workers, we wanted to provide satisfying food that is easy to incorporate into daily life as a snack, so we decided to open a store specializing in banana bread for the first time as ovgo Baker. I took on the challenge of building a store.

"ovgo Baker BBB (Ovgo Baker Banana Bread Base)" also sells limited flavors and loaves.We have prepared products that can be used as souvenirs as well as for your coffee break at work.Of course, all of the products we offer are plant-based.This is a product that can be safely consumed by people who are allergic to dairy products such as eggs and butter, and by vegans.

Store limited menu

Banana bread has been very popular since the first store opened in Kodenmacho, Nihonbashi. At BBB, you can also enjoy limited flavors such as chocolate flavors and toppings using icing.You can purchase a slice for your own lunch or snack, or you can purchase a whole loaf.Please use it as a souvenir.

■Chocolate banana bread ¥550 (tax included)

Banana bread dough is made with plenty of bananas, and chocolate chips are added for a slightly bitter taste!The balance between the soft banana scent and the bittersweetness of the chocolate is sure to make you addicted once you try it.

BBB also offers icing toppings if you like.White icing is recommended for those with a sweet tooth, and black icing is perfect for those who want a richer chocolate taste.Please find your favorite combination.

*Icing topping ¥50 each (tax included)

■[Holiday limited] Stollen ¥600 (tax included)

We baked ovgo Baker's banana bread into a stollen style, a classic winter cake.The flavors of spices and bananas go perfectly together!

Please enjoy it as a snack during the holiday season.As a limited topping for Stollen, we also have cream flavored with rum.By pairing it with Stollen, you can create a richer and more mature flavor.

*Cream topping ¥50 (tax included)

ovgo Baker BBB Store Overview

ovgo Baker BBB (Ovgo Baker Banana Bread Base)

■ Address
T-MARKET, Toranomon Hills Station Tower B2F, 108-1-2 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo

■ Business hours
11:00 - 20:00

▽Store official Instagram

▽ovgo Baker

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