The fair trade specialty brand "People Tree" has obtained "PETA certification", which is the certification of vegan products, for more than 2023% of its products from its 8 fall/winter collection.As a brand that supports fair trade, animal welfare, and organic cotton, we will continue to provide options for many people to choose products with peace of mind.

Background of PETA certification

Since its founding, People Tree has developed products using plant-based materials that are abundantly harvested in the production area, in order to achieve sustainable manufacturing.

We have acquired PETA certification so that not only people who live a lifestyle that does not use animal products, but also people who are interested in vegan fashion can choose our products more easily and with peace of mind.

PETA certification mark

■What is PETA certification?

Vegan product certification is carried out by PETA, the world's largest animal protection organization.

PETA is an abbreviation for "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals."

Certification is given to products that do not use animal-derived materials (silk, wool, etc.) or ingredients.

Introducing some PETA certified products

オ ー ガ ニ ッ ク コ ッ ト ン
jersey raglan cardigan
7,590 yen including tax

hand woven organic cotton
Houndstooth lantern sleeve dress
22,000 yen including tax

オ ー ガ ニ ッ ク コ ッ ト ン
Stretch water pattern gathered sleeve top
9,790 yen including tax

The world that People Tree aims for

People Tree wants to realize a fair and sustainable world where all living things on earth can coexist in harmony.

Organic cotton protects the health of the people who make it, as well as biodiversity and the environment, so we actively use organic cotton, which now accounts for approximately 8% of our cotton products.

We place importance on animal welfare when using wool, and use wool from New Zealand, where mulesing is prohibited by law.In addition, we use all materials with care until the end to produce our products, including ethnic costumes and upcycled surplus wool (recycled sarees, recycled wool series).

About People Tree

People Tree is a brand specializing in fair trade.We work with approximately 18 organizations in 145 countries in Asia, Africa, Central and South America, etc. that are members of the World Fair Trade Federation (WFTO) to manufacture products that maintain transparency in the production background.

We plan and sell products such as clothing, miscellaneous goods, and food that are as organic as possible and made from renewable natural materials that do not place a burden on the environment.

By utilizing handicrafts, we continue to provide income opportunities to socially and economically disadvantaged people in developing countries and support sustainable production.Manual work does not require large-scale capital investment or electricity, and is a method that is compatible with the local infrastructure environment.It also leads to the inheritance of traditional techniques.

People Tree has been a member of WFTO (formerly known as IFAT) since 1996, and is certified as a fair trade organization that adheres to the ``10 Fair Trade Guidelines'' established by WFTO.

People Tree Jiyugaoka store
152-0035-3 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 7-2
For the time being, we will be open for shortened hours from 11:00 to 19:00 (open all year round, except for the year-end and New Year holidays)

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