The fall/winter limited “Fair Trade & Organic Chocolate” from the fair trade specialty brand “People Tree” is here again this year!The official online shop will start accepting orders from Friday, October 2023, 10. It is scheduled to be shipped sequentially from the 20rd (Monday).

Autumn/Winter 2023!This year's new flavor

This year's new flavor is "Organic Ground Oats Cereal Crunch."100% plant-based vegan chocolate.People Tree offers new chocolate options for those living a lifestyle free of animal products.

[New Flavor] Ground Oats Cereal Crunch

Organic Ground Oats Cereal Crunch 

This chocolate uses organic oats instead of milk, and has a gentle flavor unique to grains.The crunchy corn cereal is a fragrant accent.Oats are gluten-free, so even those who are concerned about wheat can enjoy them with confidence.

■ Contents: 50g
■ Sales price: 475 yen (tax included)

■Ingredients: Organic raw sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic oat flour, organic cacao mass, organic corn flakes (organic corn, organic raw sugar, salt), organic inulin, organic vanilla/sunflower lecithin, (contains some milk ingredients)

[Name change] White with Ground Hazelnuts

The name has been changed from "Organic White Hazel Milk" to "Organic White with Ground Hazelnuts"!

Organic White with Ground Hazelnut

White chocolate made with organic hazelnuts instead of milk.This plant-based chocolate has the rich, satisfying feeling of nuts and the refreshing aftertaste of plant-based chocolate.

■ Contents: 50g
■ Sales price: 475 yen (tax included)
■Country of origin: Switzerland
■Ingredients: Organic raw sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic powdered hazelnuts, organic inulin, salt, organic vanilla, (contains some milk ingredients)

Bar chocolate veggie series

The Bitter series, which contains 58% to 75% cacao, also does not contain animal ingredients.A marriage of organic cacao, organic brown sugar, and raw sugar chocolate with simple ingredients.Nuts and grains are used instead of milk. "White with Ground Hazelnuts" and "Ground Oats Cereal Crunch" are plant-based chocolates that use nuts and grains instead of milk.

■Organic bitter / Bitter (58% cacao)
■Organic Bitter Almond (58% cacao)
■Organic Bitter Peru 75 / Bitter peru 75 (75% cacao)
■Organic bitter pomegranate (60% cacao)
■Organic bitter lemon peel (60% cacao)
■Organic White with Ground Hazelnuts
■Organic Ground Oats Cereal Crunch

*We also offer milk chocolate and white chocolate that use dairy products.It is a simple and timeless dish that has been loved for over 25 years.

▽People Tree Chocolate special site

fair trade & organic

Fair trade is a partnership based on mutual respect that allows vulnerable people to become independent and create a fair society.

Cocoa bean and sugar producing areas face many problems, including market fluctuations, poverty among farmers due to exploitation by middlemen, and child labor.By continually purchasing carefully grown agricultural products at fair prices, we protect the peace of mind of those who grow them and support their economic independence.

Furthermore, as the area where cacao can be cultivated is shrinking year by year due to global warming, organic agriculture and livestock farming that takes into account the ecosystem is one of the solutions to climate change.By using all organic ingredients, we protect the health of those who eat, those who make, and the planet.

To realize a fair and sustainable world where all living things on earth can coexist in harmony.People Tree's chocolate creates a happy future for everyone and connects smiles.This feeling is reflected in the message "#Delicious chocolate connects smiles."

■WWTO (World Fair Trade Federation) Fair Trade Guarantee System
People Tree has been a member of WFTO (formerly known as IFAT) since 1996, and has been certified as a fair trade organization through a system that guarantees compliance with WFTO's 2013 Fair Trade Guidelines, which began in 10. I am receiving it.

■Organic JAS certification
This mark can only be used by businesses certified by a registered certification body as organic foods produced in accordance with the JAS Act.This refers to food that is produced using the power of nature without relying on chemical substances such as pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and includes agricultural products, processed foods, feed, livestock products, and algae.

People Tree Jiyugaoka store / People Tree

People Tree, a brand specializing in fair trade, sells original fashion, miscellaneous goods, and food products including organic cotton.

People Tree Jiyugaoka store
152-0035-3 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 7-2
For the time being, we will be open for shortened hours from 11:00 to 19:00 (open all year round, except for the year-end and New Year holidays)

original text: ORGANIC PRESS

This article is a re-edited version of the "ORGANIC PRESS" article published on March 2023, 9.

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