From ZENB, as an addition to the "ZENB Soup" series that uses whole vegetables, including the parts that are usually thrown away without eating, "Beet Potage" is now available, packed with the deliciousness and nutrition of whole beets, right down to the skin!

Enjoy the gentle sweetness and refreshing richness of beets

The whole beetroot is concentrated to the skin, and the mellowness of soy milk is added to create a gentle sweetness and rich flavor derived from the ingredients.We do not add animal ingredients such as butter or milk or sugar, and we are particular about creating flavors that do not rely on additives, so you can enjoy the deliciousness of beets themselves.

◎One bag contains more than one serving of vegetables (fresh equivalent)
◎A rich taste with the sweetness of beets and the mellowness of soy milk
◎No animal ingredients used.Creating taste without relying on additives

Whole world superfood “Beets”

Beetroot is often used in dishes and sweets that take advantage of its bright red color, and is rich in nutrients such as polyphenols and dietary fiber, making it a superfood.In particular, the skin, which is usually thrown away rather than being eaten, is rich in nutrients; for example, it contains about 2.6 times more polyphenols than the fruit.

``Beet Potage,'' which uses our proprietary technology to concentrate whole beets as much as possible, is packed with deliciousness and nutrition, and is rich in dietary fiber, vitamin E, and polyphenols.It's 30% less sugar than regular potage soup, 42% less salt than regular potage*1, and even better, it's gluten-free.

*1 Comparison with corn cream soup and pumpkin cream soup.Source: Japan Food Standard Composition Table 2020 edition (1th edition), carbohydrates (per serving): 9.3 g, salt (per serving): 1 g Estimated values ​​based on analysis.Nutritional information (per 0.78g serving, in-house research)

ZENB SOUP Beet potage

Ingredients: Sauteed onions (made in Japan), sauteed mushroom paste, beetroot flour, rice oil, sauteed flavored vegetables, soy milk (contains soybeans), salt and koji, tomato paste, garlic, brewed vinegar, salt, pepper

Just heat the bag in the microwave for 1 minute and 10 seconds! Each serving contains over 1g of vegetables*139, making it easy to make up for the lack of vegetables.
*2 Perishable equivalent.Contains mushrooms

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