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Enjoy MCT intake while having fun!

Dr. Bronner's RO Virgin Coconut Oil, a regenerative organic certified (RO certified), is now on sale from the earth-friendly organic body care brand "Dr. Bronner's"!

Coconuts are grown on farmland that has not used pesticides or chemical fertilizers during the cultivation period or for over 15 years.Organic virgin coconut oil extracted from organic coconut whole kernels (with the thin skin surrounding the contents remaining) using the low-temperature expeller method.

Easily take MCTs! Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) is a naturally derived ingredient found in plants of the palm family.Compared to the long-chain fatty acids found in common vegetable oils, it is digested and absorbed more quickly and becomes energy in a short time, making it less likely to be stored as body fat.This product contains 1g of medium chain fatty acids (MCT)* per tablespoon (14g).It has a flavor that goes well with coffee and sweets, so it is recommended for those who want to have fun while ingesting MCTs.
*Contains lauric acid

Regenerative organic farming

The organic coconuts used in Dr. Bronner's RO Virgin Coconut Oil are grown using regenerative organic farming methods by farmers in Sri Lanka, a Fair Trade partner.We aim to prevent the climate crisis by restoring soil and ecosystems that have been destroyed by industrial agriculture and pesticides, and by farming naturally so that soil can store carbon.

Regenerative Organic Certification (RO Certification) was established in the United States in 3 as a comprehensive and high-level organic certification mark based on the three pillars of soil health, animal welfare, and social justice. I did.We aim to protect the health of ecosystems and provide long-term solutions to the climate crisis.

Dr. Bronner's RO Virgin Coconut Oil

"Dr. Bronner's RO Virgin Coconut Oil" is the world's first!Organic virgin coconut oil that has obtained Regenerative Organic Certification (RO Certification).

Dr. Bronner's RO Virgin Coconut Oil
■Contents: 414mL (375g)
■Price: 2,700 yen (tax included)

MCT* content 1g per tablespoon (14g)
*Contains lauric acid

About Dr. Bronner

Since our founding in 1948, we have been manufacturing products that are kind to people and the global environment, with consideration for fair trade and the environment, based on the spirit of the "All One Vision," which advocates unity without religious or ethnic discrimination.

Magic Soap, Dr. Bronner's signature product, is an organic multi-soap made from 100% naturally derived ingredients.Not only can you use it for your face and body, but you can also use it for multiple purposes such as washing dishes and washing dirty spots.Supported for its ecological quality and high quality, it has been selected as the No. 2000 selling natural soap in the United States for 23 consecutive years since 1 (according to SPINS research from 2000 to 2022).

The organic coconut oil used in Dr. Bronner's products is grown organically and without pesticides using regenerative organic farming methods at the same plantation in Sri Lanka as RO Virgin Coconut Oil.

Dr. Bronner's products are made with the same organic coconut oil used in food.

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