Organic JAS certified "organic vegetable bouillon" is now on sale from Kaze and Hikari!Made from organic vegetables such as onions, parsley, and carrots, it enhances the flavor of the dish.

"Organic vegetable bouillon" product details

■Ingredients: Organic multidextrin, organic rapeseed protein hydrolyzate, organic sunflower oil, organic sugar, organic onion, organic parsley, organic turmeric, organic rice flour, organic carrot, organic nutmeg/fragrance

*Fragrance uses natural ingredients.
*Does not use yeast extract.

■ Contents: 88g
Suggested retail price: 670 yen (excluding tax) / 724 yen (tax included)
■Country of origin: Austria
■ Seller: Kaze to Hikari Co., Ltd.
■ Certification: Organic JAS

How To Use

Cooking method: Add 250 teaspoon (5g) to XNUMXml of hot water for a delicious soup.It can be used in a wide range of dishes such as risotto, stewed dishes, and stir-fried dishes.It goes well not only with Western food, but also with Chinese and Japanese food.Please try it for various purposes.

original text: ORGANIC PRESS

This article is a re-edited version of the "ORGANIC PRESS" article published on March 2023, 7.

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