From John Masters Organics, "S & M Body Mist Mint" that can be cleared and cooled with fresh mint is now available for summer only! Limited sales start on Thursday, July 2023, 7.

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Natural body mist to cool down in hot weather

A scent that blends three types of mint: fresh peppermint, refreshing Japanese peppermint, and sweet spearmint.It also contains naturally derived menthol with a refreshing feeling, and is useful in various scenes such as outdoor scenes such as camping, refreshment in hot seasons when the skin becomes sticky, and etiquette mist when you are worried about the smell.

S&M body mist mint

Contents: 100 ml
Selling price: 2,970 yen (tax included)

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3 points

1. 100% natural fragrance ingredients. Blend of 3 kinds of mint
Fresh peppermint, refreshing Japanese mint, and sweet spearmint are blended to create a refreshing yet mellow scent with the addition of refreshing kouji leaf oil.A gentle mist with 3% naturally derived fragrance ingredients that can be used by the whole family.

2. Refresh and cool down for all hot season scenes
Formulated with naturally derived menthol and eucalyptus leaf oil for a cooling sensation.In addition to cooling down in hot weather, it can also be used as an etiquette mist to refresh yourself in outdoor activities such as camping and sports.In addition, you can use it for various life scenes as you like, such as pollen season and summer nights when you can't sleep well.

3. Smooth out fluctuating skin caused by UV rays and temperature differences in summer
Contains xylitol, a naturally derived moisturizing ingredient, so that it can be used comfortably even in cooler and dry seasons.In addition, Natuyukisou Flower Extract and Capsicum Extract soothe the fluctuating summer skin, which is exposed to stress due to UV rays and temperature differences.

Recommended for summer outings!cool kit

icy summer set

A mini-sized shampoo and conditioner that refreshes and cleanses while maintaining moisture, and a mini towel that cools when it touches the skin are included with the body mist.The limited mesh pouch uses "chemically recycled thread", a recycled material that decomposes textile products.Not only is it easy to carry, but it is also an environmentally friendly item.A kit filled with items perfect for summer can also be used for camping, traveling, saunas and other leisure activities.

icy summer set
Selling price: 7,040 yen (tax included)

Course contents
・S&M Scalp Shampoo N 60mL
・C&N Conditioner N 60mL
・S&M Body Mist Mint 100mL
・john masters organics cool towel

icy summer set

G&C Leave-in Conditioning Mist N, which protects hair from summer UV damage and charges and resets it in the season when the sun is a concern, and a combo paddle brush mini that gives a radiant luster just by brushing is set with the body mist mini size. Become and appear.Etiquette and hair care will always give you a refreshing impression even when going out in the summer, such as at festivals or outdoors.

icy summer set
Selling price: 8,580 yen (tax included)

Course contents
・G&C Leave-in Conditioning Mist N 125mL
・Combo paddle brush mini
・S&M Body Mist Mint 30mL

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