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Biokashi Organic Oat Bar

Two types of the new series "Biokashi Organic Oats Bar" are now on sale from Biokashi, a natural sweets that you can see the ingredients!

Instead of using wheat flour, we used oatmeal and oat powder processed with organic oats to create a filling and crunchy texture.Organic oatmeal with crunchy texture is delicious!We have prepared two types: “Raisin Walnut”, which combines the gentle sweetness and sourness of raisins with the creamy richness of walnuts, and “Choco Hazel”, which combines drop chocolate with a strong cacao scent and hazelnuts.Acquired organic JAS certification.

[Organic oats bar raisin walnut]
Ingredients: Organic oats (produced in the United States), organic sugar, organic palm oil, organic raisins, organic walnuts, organic rice syrup (produced in Japan), salt

[Organic Oats Bar Chocolate Hazel]
Ingredients: Organic oats (USA), organic sugar, organic palm oil, organic chocolate chips, organic hazelnuts, organic rice syrup, salt

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Biokashi commitment

◎ Material can be seen
We aim to make sweets that are friendly to people and the environment.The ingredients are carefully selected from all over the world and made organically on organic farms.That's why Biokashi will tell everyone about the producers' commitment and thoughts.Our motto is to avoid using unnecessary additives as much as possible. "I want people to be genuinely moved by the original taste and flavor of the ingredients."

◎Processed at an organic certified factory
Biokashi cannot be made only with organic materials.In fact, the factory is also “organic”.A factory in Japan that has received organic certification, which is still rare.At that factory, we are manufacturing while seriously facing the materials.We have high standards for taste and quality.Please feel free to enjoy it.

Producer's voice

Darren, Director of Sales and Marketing Operations, Grain Millers

GrainMillers is an agricultural corporation that produces, processes and sells organic certified materials. We started our business as an oatmeal producer in Oregon, USA in 1986 and acquired organic certification in 1991.In the United States, there is a problem of genetic recombination, and there is also a background that organic certification is required from the viewpoint of "food safety".Currently, we boast the largest production volume in the world, and deliver delicious and safe organic ingredients to our customers, mainly in North America.

The oatmeal used in our organic oat bars is organically cultivated and handled in a safe environment from production to processing and storage.It is very difficult to manage weeds during production to continue to receive organic certification, and it is important to keep water, humidity, and pH in an appropriate state.When thinking about the future of food, I strongly feel that we should continue to value the way food circulates.

voice of mill

Mr. Toshimitsu Iwatsuki, Representative Director, Iwatsukiya Co., Ltd.

Iwatsukiya is a confectionery maker founded in 48 in Ama City, Aichi Prefecture.We manufacture OEM products, including our flagship cream rusk.After he became president, he believed in the potential of the organic market he saw while studying abroad in the United States.Since strict management is required, we have obtained this certification by holding multiple in-house study sessions and having each and every employee acquire knowledge.This know-how can also be utilized in general manufacturing management.

The oat bar uses about twice as much oatmeal as conventional products, and wheat flour is usually used as a binder, but finely ground oatmeal is used instead, making it a product that you can enjoy a crunchy texture.The process of stretching the dough requires some ingenuity, so we can't produce a lot at once, but we continue to produce it with a focus on eating it.

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