“Oisix” operated by Oisix Ra Daichi Co., Ltd. has a new menu “Karijuwa ~! Basketball" will be on sale from Thursday, June 2023, 6.

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Oisix original plant-based meat "P meat"

Beef, pork, chicken, "P meat"...
I want to increase encounters with the 4th meat that connects to the future

Oisix Ra Daichi Co., Ltd. aims to realize sustainable retail, and is promoting the development of next-generation food products by utilizing food tech and promoting the activation of the startup ecosystem.

Originally, Japan has a food culture that consumes plant-derived proteins such as tofu and natto, but in recent years, due to changes in lifestyle and eating habits, the consumption of animal-derived proteins has increased, leading to an increase in saturated fatty acid and cholesterol intake. tend to.

We would like to deliver a well-balanced diet by proposing a menu that makes it easy to incorporate plant-derived proteins into our customers' dining tables. Seven items such as kits, gyoza, and meatballs were test-sold to Oisix members and were well received.

Starting with the newly released “Grilled Xiao Long Bao”, we will not only sell at Oisix, but also strengthen wholesale sales to supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals, etc.

▽ Oisix Sustainable Market

[New product] Crispy! P grilled meat xiaolongbao

"Crispy Juwa! P Grilled Meat Xiaolongbao" 646 yen (tax included)

The outside is crispy and fragrant, and the flavorful soup fills your mouth with just one bite.You can enjoy the taste and texture of real meat, which is hard to believe that it is plant-based, and it is a filling dish.The soup has a strong taste, so you can eat it as it is, but you can enjoy it even more by adding black vinegar, soy sauce, and chopped ginger.

Product using P meat

[P meat] Potassium rice cake of plant meat!Gyoza (vegetable) 538 yen (tax included)

Dumplings made with special plant meat that aims for elasticity like real meat.Cabbage, chives, garlic and ginger are used as condiments, and the springy skin makes it juicy.Sesame oil is the secret ingredient.

[P meat] Potassium rice cake of plant meat!Gyoza (curry) 646 yen (tax included)

I made gyoza without using meat.With a slight curry flavor, it has a taste that can be enjoyed by children and adults.You can eat delicious enough without sauce.

[P meat] Potassium rice cake of plant meat!Gyoza (Pakchi) 646 yen (tax included)

I made gyoza without using meat.Coarsely chopped cilantro dumplings with a secret chili sauce and vegetable bouillon.You can enjoy it as it is after grilling, but please enjoy it with chili oil, fish sauce, and lime if you like.

[P meat] Edamame and vegetables are tight! P meat ball (tomato sauce) 538 yen (tax included)

Edamame, carrots, and onions are added to the plant-based meat to create a meatball that allows you to enjoy a variety of ingredients and textures. In addition to P meat, 100% domestically produced soybean tofu is also used for a delicious finish.It also contains a sour sauce with condensed tomato flavor, and you can enjoy it as soon as you warm it up.It's easy to arrange, such as warming it up and putting it on pasta with the sauce.

[Kit] P meat gyoza and plenty of vegetable side dish dandan soup 1,717 yen (tax included)

With plant-based dumplings as the main ingredient, we combined colorful vegetables, including long yams with a pleasant texture.Enjoy the richness of the sesame paste and soy milk base, making it a filling soup.

About Oisix Ra Daichi Co., Ltd.

Oisix La Daichi Co., Ltd. (Representative: Kohei Takashima) offers home delivery services for foods that are safe and secure, such as organic and specially cultivated vegetables and processed foods that do not use additives as much as possible. We are developing under three brands, "Ya" and "The Society for Protecting the Earth".Based on the philosophy of "Future dining table, future field", we are promoting a business that solves social issues related to food with business methods.


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