Biosebon Japon Co., Ltd. has jointly developed with Tamiku Co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells “Uruma Gelato,” and will release a limited quantity of Biosebon’s limited product “Organic Oat Milk and Brown Sugar Cocoa Gelato” on June 6 (Monday). Limited sale.

Organic oat milk and brown sugar cocoa gelato

We jointly developed gelato using brown sugar from Okinawa using oat milk from the popular organic vegetable milk “Isolabio” directly imported from Biosebon.Tamikusa Co., Ltd., who has been particular about ingredients since the company was founded and wanted to make gelato that does not use dairy products, and buyers who were looking for products made without relying on additives, decided "Organic +". This product was born out of a shared desire to deliver delicious food to customers.

■ Contents: 110g
■Price: 570 yen (616 yen including tax)
■Stores: Azabu Juban, Kotto Dori, Nihonbashi Takashimaya S.C., Jiyugaoka, Musashi Koyama, Yotsuya XNUMX-chome, Hatanodai, Nakameguro, Gaien Nishi Dori, Tomigaya, Ebisu, Tobu Ikebukuro, Musashi Kosugi, Yokohama Motomachi, Colette Mare, Shinyurigaoka, Odakyu Fujisawa

Uruma Gelato

Organic + delicious!Cherish that smile.

Uruma Gelato is a brand that started in 2011 from an organic JAS certified farm in Uruma City on the main island of Okinawa.The owner, who used to be a nursery school teacher, started making gelato with the desire to have children eat safe and secure ingredients that are healthy in mind and body.Now, we are actively involved in environmental protection activities, such as participating in nearby beach cleanups.


Isolabio is a long-established Italian brand that has been in business for 20 years.Currently, it has a 70% market share in Italy and has been sold in 35 countries around the world.

All raw materials are certified organic.

◎Simple materials
Ingredients are extremely simple and are popular among health-conscious customers.

◎ Sustainable
In order to continue to make delicious organic products, we always do our best to procure raw materials that are friendly to the environment and people.

store information: ORGANIC PRESS

Store information is posted on "ORGANIC PRESS".

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