Biosebon Japon Co., Ltd. directly imports 2 kinds of cheese and 1 kind of spread from “EURO COMPANY”! From April 4st (Friday), sales have started at all Biosebon stores and online stores.

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Introduction Background

Until now, plant-based butters sold in Japan have been made mainly from vegetable oils such as shea butter and coconut oil.Buyers have been looking all over the world for healthier recipes to enjoy plant-based products.This product retains the taste of conventional butter, but uses cashew nuts as the main raw material, so you can take good nutrition.

Also, plant-based cheeses are made with only nuts, water and salt.You can enjoy the comfort and texture of cheese itself, thanks to its simple yet unique manufacturing method.

Next-generation butter made from simple ingredients made from cashew nuts

"Buvé" is a brand of plant-based spreads using simple ingredients.While using 50% cashew nuts fermented with a unique method, the texture and taste are just like butter!Spread over your usual bread or crackers for a nutritious breakfast or appetizer.Also great for desserts.

Bouvet Organic Fermented Plant-Based Spread (Cashew)

■ Contents: 125g
■ Price: 980 yen (1,058 yen including tax)
■Ingredients: Organic cashew nuts, organic coconut oil, salt
*Although it is not listed on the reverse side, it is fermented using lactic acid bacteria.

Amazing cheese made with only 3 ingredients: nuts, water, and salt

We will release two products from the vegetable cheese brand “Fermè” series, “Black Pepper” and “Herb & Flower”.This series is characterized by a 70% plant-derived manufacturing method that uses about 100% of nuts fermented with our own technology and adds only water and salt.It can be eaten on bread like bruschetta, but it can also be used as a substitute for traditional cheese in elaborate recipes such as soups, salads, pastas, and desserts.

Ferme organic fermented plant-based cheese (black pepper)
The sweetness of the cashew nut base is complemented by the spice of black pepper.It has a soft texture.

■ Contents: 90g
■ Price: 980 yen (1,058 yen including tax)
■Ingredients: organic cashew nuts, salt, organic black pepper, organic onion powder
*Although it is not listed on the reverse side, it is fermented using lactic acid bacteria.

Ferme organic fermented plant-based cheese (herb & flower)
Cashew-based sweetness with a pinch of salt and a variety of herbs and flowers.A gorgeous scent and taste reminiscent of flower gardens, sunshine and Mediterranean summer.

■ Contents: 90g
■ Price: 980 yen (1,058 yen including tax)
Ingredients: Organic cashew nuts, salt, organic onion powder, organic onion, organic parsnip, organic tarragon, organic parsley, organic coriander, organic ramson, organic sage, organic cornflower, organic calendula, organic fenugreek, organic glue.
*Although it is not listed on the reverse side, it is fermented using lactic acid bacteria.

Brand introduction

Founded in 1979, Euro Company is a company in the Romagna region of Italy that procures, processes and sells organic nuts and dried fruits manufactured around the world (some of which are manufactured in-house).The head office has a large manufacturing plant of 65,000 square meters.Also, in 2019, we obtained "B Corp Certification".We continue to develop products that support the health of our customers, such as adding no additives, sugar, palm oil, and using as little salt as possible.

* "B Corp" is an abbreviation of "B Corporation."An international certification system operated by the US non-profit organization B Lab, which recognizes the ideal state of a company with high public benefit that considers society and the environment.It is given to companies that have cleared strict standards such as transparency and accountability.

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