From the earth-friendly organic body care brand "Dr.Organic soap “Magic Soap Peppermint Set” is now available in limited quantities!

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Dr. Bronner Magic Soap Peppermint Set

A set of magic soap S size with mini size.It is easy and convenient to use at home, outdoors, and when traveling. Made with 100% recycled plastic bottles. May 2023, 5 (Thursday) Limited quantity release

■ Set contents: 237ml / 59ml
■Price: 1,320 yen (tax included)
■All ingredients: water, coconut oil*†, potassium hydroxide, palm kernel oil*†, olive fruit oil*†, fragrance*, hemp seed oil**, jojoba seed oil*, citric acid, tocopherol

*Organic Ingredients
†Fair Trade Certified Ingredients
*Natural essential oil

Rich lather even though it is organic!

An organic soap that is comfortable to use, and has been No. 23 in sales in the United States for 1 consecutive years*.

Magic Soap is an organic soap made from 100% natural ingredients.Contains a high amount of organic plant oil, leaving moisture and cleansing.You may have an image that organic soap doesn't lather well, but Magic Soap has a special formula and botanical oils create rich lather.In addition, it is environmentally friendly and does not test on animals, so it can be used guilt-free.
*SPINS research 2000-2022, U.S. natural soap market

Multi-use and great for outdoor activities and travel

Because the natural cleaning ingredients are rich, it can be used for various purposes depending on the amount of water to be mixed.The range is not only for face washing and body soap, but also for washing dishes, washing spilled food, and cleaning camping goods.If you go outdoors or travel with a mini bottle that is convenient to carry, you can use it conveniently while enjoying the refreshing feeling of peppermint.

Mint grown with "regenerative organic farming"

The secret behind Magic Soap Peppermint's cool and refreshing feeling is the blended organic peppermint oil (fragrance).Natural menthol cools the face and body.Refresh your mood with the scent of mint that spreads throughout the bathroom!It is one of the big success in hot summer.The organic mint oil contained in the product is made from mint grown using the “regenerative organic farming method,” a farming method that is attracting attention as it increases soil organic matter and accumulates carbon, fertilizing the soil and suppressing climate change. doing.

Dr. Bronner's main goals for the future

◎Major raw materials will receive regenerative organic certification in 2023
Regenerative Organic (RO) is considered one of the solutions to the climate crisis.By obtaining RO certification for our main raw materials, we aim to reduce our impact and solve the climate crisis.

◎ Becoming a climate positive company by 2025
Since 2003, Dr. Bronner has been the first in the industry to use recycled materials such as recycled plastic containers and recycled paper for product packaging.We strive to reduce the use of virgin resources. By 2025, we aim to remove more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than Dr. Bronner emits.

Dr. Bronner celebrates its 75th anniversary! Sustainable product manufacturing since 1948

Dr. Bronner, whose corporate philosophy is "All-One Vision" advocating world peace and solidarity without religious or ethnic discrimination, believes that "humans, animals and plants are one family on the same ship called the earth". We have continued to create sustainable products.Dr. Bronner, which celebrates its 2023th anniversary in 75, will continue to lead the world in creating a truly better world.

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