ZENB has released two new products, "ZENB Spread" Corn & Nuts and Beets & Nuts, which add almonds and cashew nuts to "Whole Vegetables" that use the core and skin that are usually thrown away without eating!

A rich flavor of vegetables and nuts that brings out the original taste of the ingredients

A rich and luxurious taste is realized by adding richness of almonds, cashew nuts, soy milk, and olive oil to the base of the whole vegetables, including the core and skin that are usually thrown away without eating.The corn and beets are steamed, boiled, or carefully cooked according to the ingredients to bring out the maximum flavor. I was particular about.You can enjoy a colorful breakfast that tastes like never before, just by spreading it on your usual bread.

You can of course spread it on toast or bread rolls as it is, but you can also use it as a topping or sandwich it with vegetables.

ZENB Spread Corn & Nuts

Sweet corn with a strong sweetness is selected from a number of varieties and production areas, and the whole is used, even the core that is usually thrown away without eating.I added a little salt to bring out the original sweetness and deliciousness of the corn.50% less salt than regular butter*.

* ZENB spread: In-house research, butter (salted butter): Comparison per 2020g of Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan 100 (XNUMXth revision)

ZENB Spread Beets & Nuts

The beets, which are characterized by their vivid colors, are used whole, including the skin, which is usually thrown away.By accenting the acidity of lemon juice, it has a refreshing aftertaste that you won't get tired of eating.

The nutrition of whole vegetables, kind to the body and the earth!

The cores and skins of vegetables, which are not usually eaten, are a treasure trove of nutrients.For example, the dietary fiber contained in the core of the corn is about 2.7 times that of the fruit.The polyphenol contained in the beet skin is about 2.6 times that of the fruit.We use our own technology to concentrate whole vegetables as much as possible, so the spread is packed with deliciousness and nutrition.

More than 100g (raw equivalent) of vegetables are used per 75g, which is rich in dietary fiber and polyphenols, and also contains protein.Furthermore, it is sugar-free, has 30% less fat and 50% less salt than regular butter, and 30% less salt than regular peanut butter.

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