From the scent x CBD “Botanical CBD Fragrance” series sold by Elixinol Co., Ltd., a limited amount of “Botanical CBD Fragrance PETALE” for spring and summer is now available! PETALE means petal in French.As the name suggests, it has a gentle and fresh scent that is inspired by spring when flowers bud all at once. Please feel the comfort unique to CBD fragrance.

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Charm of Elixinol Botanical CBD Fragrance PETALE

A floriental scent that makes you feel the sprouts of spring

“PETALE” means “petal” in French.It has a floriental scent that makes you feel the buds of spring, as if your inner potential is blooming.All I use are essential oils.A luxurious blend of essential oils from jasmine sambac and mimosa flowers, as well as precious oils extracted from the petals of wild hyacinths from Holland.It is a fragrance series that gives a fullness to the scent by using it.

■Roll-on fragrance containing 450mg of highly concentrated CBD

The CBD fragrance contains a high concentration of 1mg of CBD per bottle. As a nutrient that conditions the skin, CBD is a tool that quickly solves areas of concern by applying it.First of all, enjoying the scent of plants will help you switch your feelings, and from there, the ingredients of CBD will reach your skin and lead your mind and body to a more harmonious balance.

■ Self-care with CBD fragrance during the damp and depressed times of the rainy season from May

The scent of jasmine, which is generally said to soothe high spirits, frankincense, which is popular as a scent that eases anxiety, and bergamot, which is known as a scent that helps promote a good night's sleep. blending. By applying CBD oil from the nape to the shoulders with CBD fragrance, it brings gorgeousness to the tired mind and body.

Elixinol Botanical CBD Fragrance PETALE
Capacity: 8ml Price: ¥4,290 (tax included)
Ingredients: jojoba seed oil, cannabidiol, fragrance

*2023 spring/summer limited edition

Recommended for times like this

◎ When you want to feel a gorgeous scent
◎Between work
◎Before a date
◎ For relaxing at night!

How to use

Apply to the nape of the neck, temples, shoulder muscles, wrists, etc.

Elixinol Botanical CBD Fragrance Series

Color your daily life in a well-balanced way To be yourself

Botanical CBD fragrance NAKED
Capacity: 8ml Price: ¥4,290 (tax included)

Look at the present and adjust to the balance that should be

Botanical CBD fragrance BALANCE
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What is CBD

CBD is cannabidiol, an ingredient found in the hemp plant.It is also one of the phytochemicals called the 7th nutrient, and research is progressing all over the world.It is a nutrient that can be used in a variety of ways, such as food, skin care, and mod care.

Based in Colorado, USA, Japan <ELIXINOL> started in 2016.Utilizing the know-how of the United States <Elixinol>, Japan <Elixinol> currently manufactures domestically and sells and wholesales CBD-related products such as supplements and cosmetics.We are working to develop CBD culture in Japan in collaboration with our US headquarters.We provide possibilities for not only people's health but also a sustainable society and an ethical future.

Elixinol Inc.

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