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Margarine with fermented soy milk

Sokensha Co., Ltd. will release a renewed plant-based food (100% plant material) “Margarine with fermented soy milk made from plant materials” on April 2023, 4 (Wednesday).

Margarine with fermented soymilk, released in 2005, is margarine made from 100% plant-based ingredients, using fermented soymilk fermented with plant-derived lactic acid bacteria.With this renewal, we have succeeded in bringing out a richer taste than ever before by changing the raw soybeans of soymilk to domestic soybeans and reviewing the fermentation method.Fermented soy milk and soybeans for lecithin, which are raw materials, are managed separately in production and distribution to prevent contamination with genetically modified organisms.No fragrance, no coloring.We use coarse salt with a mellow flavor.No partially hydrogenated oils are used.Recommended not only for those who cannot eat dairy products, but also for those who want to eat plant-based ingredients!

Margarine with fermented soy milk
■ Contents: 160g
Tax-included price: 422 yen (tax-excluded price 390 yen)
Ingredients: Edible vegetable oil (manufactured in Japan), refined processed edible oil, fermented soymilk (contains soybeans), salt/lecithin (derived from soybeans), antioxidant (tocotrienol)

▽ Sokensha HP Margarine with fermented soy milk


5 commitments

◎ Uses soy milk from domestic soybeans fermented with plant-derived lactic acid bacteria
By using soymilk made from domestic soybeans fermented with plant-derived lactic acid bacteria, the grassy smell peculiar to soymilk has disappeared.It has a butter-like richness, but it has a mellow, smooth and light flavor.

◎ Dairy products are not used
*Products containing "eggs" and "milk ingredients" are produced in the same facility.

◎ High oleic acid type safflower oil is used.
As the main raw material fat, we use "high oleic acid type safflower oil" with a high oleic acid content, which is produced by the first squeeze method.
*Oleic acid 50.8g (per 100g of this product)

◎ Uses RSPO-certified palm oil
We use sustainable palm oil, RSPO certified.In March 2018, margarine with fermented soy milk became Japan's first food product with the RSPO mark.The certification model is “mass balance (MB)”, where certified oil from RSPO certified farms is mixed with other non-certified oil in the distribution process.Physically, it includes non-certified oil, but we support certified farms by guaranteeing the amount of certified farms purchased.

◎Use of soybeans with separate production flow management
Fermented soy milk and soybeans for lecithin use soybeans that undergo separate production and distribution management to prevent contamination with genetically modified organisms.

What is RSPO certified palm oil?

Since 2018, we have been using “RSPO (MS)” palm oil for “margarine with fermented soy milk made from plant materials”.This was the first time in Japan that we used "RSPO" certified palm oil for food together with "Benihana High Plus Margarine", and we were awarded the "Bornean Clouded Leopard Award" from WWF Japan (World Wide Fund for Nature Japan). rice field.

[What is RSPO certified palm oil?]
Palm oil is the most used vegetable oil in the world, but in Indonesia and Malaysia, which are major producers of palm oil, it has been pointed out that the development of oil palm plantations, which are the raw material for palm oil, has led to the destruction of rainforests and human rights problems for plantation workers. I'm here.In 2004, the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) was established to deal with these problems and the need to procure sustainable palm oil. system was established.This product contributes to sustainable palm oil production.

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