The first joint development of the plant-based food brand “2foods” and Kagome The sales channel will be expanded from Tuesday, April 2023, 4 by commercializing the plant-based egg “Ever Egg” and demiglace sauce at room temperature!Two new plant-based curries are also on sale!

Appeared in room temperature type with the same “fluffy” texture!

In March 2, TWO Co., Ltd., which handles the plant-based food brand "2022foods", and Kagome Co., Ltd. will launch the first jointly developed plant-based egg "Ever Egg" and " We have been selling “Plant Based Demi Glace Sauce” (both frozen types) that you can enjoy with Ever Egg mainly at 3foods online shops and stores.

The two companies have jointly developed a new room temperature type of "Ever Egg" and "Plant Based Demi Glace Sauce" and expanded sales channels to supermarkets and ECs nationwide in addition to 2foods online shops and stores.

You can enjoy plant-based eggs more casually by making it possible to carry and store them at room temperature while maintaining the special “fluffy” texture.In addition, the frozen “Plant Based Demi Glace Sauce” developed as a source for plant-based omelet rice is now available in room temperature type.Sautéed onions, soy milk butter, red wine, and “vegetable stock seasoning” are used to create a rich flavor that is like slow-cooked beef.

Second product jointly developed by TWO Co., Ltd. and Kagome Co., Ltd.

As the second product jointly developed by TWO Co., Ltd. and Kagome Co., Ltd., the plant-based “2foods Original Curry” and “2foods Maru Butter Chicken Curry” (both retort products) will be released from April 4 (Tuesday). .

Since the opening of the store in April 2, 2021foods has offered two types of curry: ``Kokuuma Original Curry'' with condensed umami and ``Maru Butter Chicken Curry'' where you can enjoy the richness and sweetness of butter. .In order to deliver the deliciousness to everyone all over the country, 4foods supervised these two types of curry and developed a retort product that can be easily incorporated into the dining table.It is a carefully selected product that allows you to enjoy the richness and aroma of authentic curry while being plant-based.It can be carried and stored at room temperature, and can be heated in the microwave while still in the pouch.Now you can enjoy it more easily.

Product Details

plant base egg
Ever Egg Room temperature type

A plant-based egg room temperature type that achieves a “fluffy” texture.Carrots and white kidney beans are used instead of soybeans, which is the main raw material.It does not harden even when warmed in a hot water bath or in the microwave, and the special “fluffy” texture continues.

Plant Based Demi Glace Sauce
(Plant-based demi-glace sauce)

Focus on the characteristics of each vegetable without using meat.A rich plant-based demi-glace sauce that brings out the umami by carefully adjusting the balance.The pouch can be heated in the microwave as it is, so you can enjoy it easily.

2foods Maru Butter Chicken Curry

An authentic butter chicken curry made with carefully selected spices and chewy soy chicken.He used 150g of vegetables, and by adding coconut milk, almond milk, cashew nut paste, and sesame paste as secret ingredients, he developed a plant-based curry sauce with deep richness and sweetness.It is a dish that is particular about the fiber texture of soy chicken.

2foods original curry

8 kinds of vegetables, 3 kinds of fruits, and carefully selected spices create a rich taste.200g of vegetables are used, and carefully roasted onions, bananas, mangoes, and apple puree are added and simmered until the ingredients are thoroughly blended to create a rich and rich finish.In addition, it is a plant-based curry that reproduces 2foods' original chutney with mango and spices, and you can enjoy "fragrance", "sharpness" and "richness" while being plant-based.

Plant-based food brand "2foods"

2foods is a plant-based food brand from Japan with the concept of "healthy junk food".Efforts to realize an ethical society, addictive deliciousness, exciting beautiful visuals, rich scents that are appetizing, affordable price and familiar existence "Yummy", ethical such as consideration for the global environment We are disseminating a new plant-based food culture for the realization of a new society.

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