From the plant-based food (plant-derived raw materials) brand "2foods" with the concept of "healthy junk food", you can enjoy the taste of spring. is here!This collection is perfect for cherry blossom viewing and picnics.It will be on sale from Wednesday, March 3, 2, along with two types of drinks and one type of original spring salad.

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Spring Pink Party!!

This year's 2foods spring theme is "Spring Pink Party!!".A line-up will be released that will make you feel like you are at a party, with plenty of spring-like gorgeous pink.Among them, in the collection of original plant-based donuts, which are popular every season, we have prepared three types that you can enjoy the unique taste of spring.

The “Juicy Strawberry Donut” has the sweet and sour flavor of strawberries, and the “Sakura Donut” has the fragrance of cherry blossoms and a gentle sweetness. “Matcha Framboise Donut” has a perfect balance of bitterness and mellow sourness.

In addition to donuts, please enjoy the spring mood with the new 2foods product "Spring Pink Party!!"

Spring Donut Collection 2023

Two colors of spring pink are gorgeous
juicy strawberry donut

Juicy glazed spring-only donuts that spread the sweet and sour flavor of strawberries when you take a bite.The refreshing taste of strawberry puree is accented with freeze-dried strawberries and diced almonds as toppings.A gorgeous donut with a bright pink line that makes use of the color of the material and a pale pink line with a strawberry scent.

Take-out: 481 yen (tax included) / Eat-in: 490 yen (tax included)

Gentle sweetness that spreads the scent of cherry blossoms
Sakura donut

Spring limited donuts where you can enjoy the taste and aroma of cherry blossoms. The two-color pink cherry blossom glaze uses cherry blossom leaves and cherry blossom powder in salted syrup.Finished so that you can enjoy the flavor of cherry blossoms.A hint of salt brings out the gentle sweetness.A donut with a pale pink motif that looks like cherry blossom petals and a coconut topped with the image of petals dancing from a cherry tree in full bloom.

Take-out: 481 yen (tax included) / Eat-in: 490 yen (tax included)

A bittersweet and gentle sweet and sour taste spreads throughout your mouth
Matcha raspberry donut

A spring-only donut with an exquisite balance of matcha glaze and framboise bean paste.The combination of the bitterness of matcha, the gentle sweetness of white bean paste, and the sourness of raspberries creates a deep flavor.It is a cute and spring-like donut with a green glaze and pink bean paste like a young leaf, and a topping of freeze-dried raspberries and pistachio accents.

Take-out: 481 yen (tax included) / Eat-in: 490 yen (tax included)

Original spring salad & drink

Strawberry fragrant new onion dressing
8 items of colorful spring vegetable salad

Spring limited salad with various textures and flavors of 8 spring vegetables such as spring cabbage, snap peas, asparagus, and rape blossoms.Deep-fried bamboo shoots mixed with Cajun spices and the spice of broad beans, accented with the color and flavor of the mellow egg-style spread.A colorful salad with plenty of new onions, strawberry vinegar and beets, served with a pale pink dressing.

Take-out: 972 yen (tax included) / Eat-in: 990 yen (tax included)

Sweet and sour strawberry x mild oat milk
strawberry latte

Sweet and sour strawberry sauce and mellow and refreshing oat milk spring limited drink.Almond syrup with a fruity flavor like apricot tofu adds richness.Strawberry sauce and puree with prickly pear cactus, and the gradation of oat milk dyed in pale pink makes you feel the arrival of spring.

Take-out: 540 yen (tax included) / Eat-in: 550 yen (tax included)

The sweetness of organic Ogura bean paste × the bitterness of matcha
Ogura Matcha Latte

A combination of 100% pesticide-free first-grade matcha and organic oat milk, this is a spring-only drink that adds a little extra effort to the popular "Rich Matcha Latte" since the opening.The refined sweetness of the organic ogura bean paste and the bittersweet matcha flavor of Japanese ingredients are combined with the mellow oat milk.It is a spring-like color of oat milk dyed slightly pink with puree containing prickly pear cactus.

Take-out: 579 yen (tax included) / Eat-in: 590 yen (tax included)

Plant-based food brand "2foods"

2foods is a plant-based food brand from Japan with the concept of "healthy junk food".Efforts to realize an ethical society, addictive deliciousness, exciting beautiful visuals, rich scents that are appetizing, affordable price and familiar existence "Yummy", ethical such as consideration for the global environment We are disseminating a new plant-based food culture for the realization of a new society.

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