A discerning prescription that comfortably cares for the face and body

1.Prepare the skin with moisturizing cleansing to prevent rough skin and acne
Magic Soap is an organic soap with 100% natural ingredients.Contains a high amount of organic plant oil, leaving moisture and cleansing.Gently cleanses skin with excessive sebum secretion and adult skin caused by old keratin that could not be removed.Keeps skin healthy by properly removing dirt and sebum from pores.

2. Daily care with the refreshing scent of natural tea tree
Tea tree is a forest herb used by Australian Aborigines.It is characterized by a fresh and clean feeling, and a slightly sharp scent that passes through the nose.You can gently wrap your face in a thick foam containing tea tree extract to wash your face without friction, and the foam will be clean.Recommended for daily skin care.

An organic soap that cleanly removes blackheads caused by dirt in pores and old keratin.

An organic soap that can prevent pimples, which is a concern for all generations, and cleanly remove dullness caused by pore dirt and old keratin. Formulated with 5 kinds of organic plant oils to prevent rough skin and keep it healthy.

■ Set price
1,320 yen (tax included)

■ Set contents
237mL, 59mL [Uses 100% recycled plastic bottles] The mini size is easy to carry and convenient for travel and outings.The high sustainability is also a point that you can use comfortably.

■ All ingredients
Water, coconut oil*†, hydroxide K, palm kernel oil*†, olive fruit oil*†, fragrance*, hemp seed oil*, jojoba seed oil*, citric acid, tocopherol

*Organic ingredients
†Fair Trade Certified Ingredients
*Natural essential oil

Sustainable product manufacturing since 1948

Dr. Bronner's is a 100% naturally derived body care brand from California. Since our founding in 1948, we have been making products that are friendly to people and the global environment, with consideration for fair trade and the environment, in the spirit of "All One Vision," which advocates unity without discrimination between religions and ethnic groups.

■ Obtained Best for the World by Sustainable Certified B Corp.Joined the newly certified B Beauty
B Corp is a certification system by the American non-profit organization B Lab that is given to companies that conduct business activities in consideration of the environment, society, and the interests of employees and stakeholders.It evaluates corporate performance in five categories: governance, employees, community, environment, and customers, and is known for the extremely high hurdles to obtaining certification.

Dr. Bronner started acquiring certification in 2015 in order to be evaluated by a third party.Every year since then, we have won the Best for the World award, which is given only to companies that rank in the top 5% in each category in the environment, community, and overall categories. In 2022, B Beauty was launched with the aim of establishing sustainability standards for the beauty industry, and Dr. Bronner joined.

■ A fair trade project that is friendly not only to the people who use it, but also to the people who make it and the earth
Dr. Bronner's organic botanical ingredients are sourced through fair trade projects with their own strict guidelines.In addition to fair transaction prices, we also save 10% of the transaction price to improve the working and living environment of producers and support local communities.Coconut oil, the main raw material procured from Sri Lanka, is grown regeneratively and organically.By increasing soil organic matter and accumulating carbon, we are making soil more fertile and working to mitigate the climate crisis.

▽ Dr. Bronner official website

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